Wednesday, November 03, 2004

First Day of the Rest of Our Lives

I'm tired and depressed and there's not much to say, but I wanted to say something while it's still today and not tomorrow. As I vaguely remember it, Aristotle thought that democracy was not a very good system, but that it was better, on balance, than the alternatives. I went into my corner grocer shop late yesterday to buy a newspaper. Mr Hussain was eating a sandwich -- breaking his Ramadan fast, presumably, since the sun had set. He saw my Kerry tee-shirt and more or less pursued me out of the shop crying "We support you! We support you!"

I've finished the kangaroo pouch on Fergus's Wallaby and fused it to the body of the sweater. Only a couple more rows until the armpits.

I went into John Lewis today -- when submerged in gloom, buy yarn, is a good rule of life -- to see if Rowan 4-Ply Soft still exists and if so in what colours. It does! The range is fairly limited, but not bad. I'm thinking of another EPS, in wide stripes of two colours to the armpits, and then the sleeves and yoke knit wrist-to-wrist in narrower stripes of the same colours. Somewhere in the Zimmermann opus is a sweater constructed like this, except that the top bit in her case is cabled. My feelings of success as Fergus's Wallaby progresses persuade me that I can knit anything, and don't even have to bother much with swatching. I didn't buy any yarn today, but ideas are germinating.

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