Thursday, November 04, 2004

The Next Day

Here is what is meant to be a cheerful picture, with no knitting in sight.

The boys are the three surviving sons of my daughter and son-in-law who live in Thessaloniki. Their elder brother Oliver died at six weeks.

Earlier this year, David and Helen were thinking of buying a weekend house somewhere in the country. The photograph shows a near-derelict possibility being explored. In a roomful of left-behind books, Archie, the eldest, behind, is clearly reading one. He speaks and reads Greek with the amazing facility children have. Mungo, in the foreground, is equally clearly not. Fergus, on the right, thinks he is.

Fergus, for whom the Wallaby is currently being knit, was two in March (not long before this picture was taken). He wears nappies and hasn't much in the way of vocabulary but, as this picture suggests, he simply assumes that he is a Boy like everybody else. The effect is enchanting.

Mungo is the one for whom the current Kirkmichael project is being knit, a striped Koigu sweater like Theo's.

I got the kangaroo pouch for Fergus's sweater attached last night. Pictures are just going to show orange-on-orange, I am afraid, but I'll attempt another one tomorrow. Tonight I'll start a sleeve.

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