Monday, November 08, 2004

My Audience

My sister -- Theo's mother; see yesterday -- and my friend Selma both read my Blog yesterday! Selma sent a comment via the comment facility. I still don't know for sure whether my replies to comments (I've had but few, and have replied to all) are sent on. I suspect not. I need an "email me" button.

The second Wallaby sleeve progresses. We're going to Kirkmichael on Wednesday, I think. I hope to have body and sleeves joined before we leave.

I found myself toying with the idea yesterday of knitting other Christmas presents, besides Fergus's wallaby. If I bring Mungo's Koigu sweater (like Theo's but smaller) back from Kirkmichael, I could probably have it finished in time. I bought a slipper-sock kit from Claudia of Countrywool when I was at Camp Stitches in '99. That would knit up quickly and make a nice present for someone....

But I have stamped on these ideas. I hate knitting to deadlines. Sometimes it's necessary -- babies get born, for instance, and need a shawl then and not when they are walking and talking. I knit a lot of things for people and when I finish the things, I give them to the people. Let's keep it that way. The Knitlist at this time of year gets fuller and fuller of messages from people who are frantically knitting presents. The dark is depressing enough without that.

Chinese cashmere

On a brighter note, my sister says that both she and her husband will be passing through London on their way to Mozambique in early '05 and would be glad -- well, willing, at any rate -- to bring yarn. I saw in the paper yesterday that the Chinese may soon be forced to re-value their currency, so maybe I had better go ahead and order the yarn. Selma says she's seen it, and it's good.

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  1. Anonymous5:24 PM

    Selma here....I expect Queer Joe can help you with the comment function. I'm pretty sure that he uses the same blog generator and I have no problems commenting on his blog. It's probably as simple as adjusting a setting. And you are correct, your responses to the comments don't appear to be reaching me. I did get the separate e-mail. I'm comforted to know I'm not the only person who purchased items at Camp Stitches '99 that have yet to be knit. When I was there that year I bought some beautiful Tess' boucle which, it turns out, waited 5 years for Candace Eisner-Strick to design the perfect pattern.