Tuesday, April 26, 2005


I finished knitting the second front band last night, cast off, and tried the more-or-less finished whole on my lumpy self. I thought, at a brief,horrified glance, that the neckline was impossibly low.

This is therefore a good moment to go away, as we will now do. If I am right, the solution probably is to undo the front bands and the neckband and re-do in one continuous sweep -- kimono fashion, do I mean? We shall see. I allowed myself a few moments last night of winding a skein of yarn to start the Clapotis with, to cheer myself up.

So no more blog until the weekend, or even early next week. When we get back, if I can avoid bumping into any cows on the way, I will have a new picture of the kitchen garden and of the striped Koigu.


I think I see my way forward, so to speak. Of that more anon.

I saw a television program the other evening about the cold war. It was interesting to me reminded of the fear in which we lived for so long. Al Qaeda is pretty small beer by comparison. The program included interviews with pilots and crew who flew the British nuclear deterrent. Since seeing a nuclear explosion, which could easily happen to such a pilot, under certain scenarios, can blind you, someone had the very bright idea of having pilot and co-pilot wear a patch over one eye, so that they would have one eye left and be able to fly on.

Looked at like that, my situation doesn't seem so bad.

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