Monday, January 23, 2006

It always takes a while, when we get back from London or Strathardle, to get life back into gear and to deal with the ankle-deep pile of mail lying behind the door – it can actually be difficult to get in. We made some progress yesterday; not much. In the afternoon we went to the view of the Drambuie Sale, the auction house being just around the corner. I’ve never seen so many people at a sale view. Le tout Edinburgh. I didn’t recognise anyone although my husband spotted a Prominent Figure. There was nothing we wanted. There were a number of pictures derivative of Our Artist (who has a lot to answer for) and one drawing by him.

I have at last finished edging the bottom of the First Holy Communion veil, and started up the far side. It seems awfully short and broad. I’ll block for length. Picture soon.

Today, instead of the promised progress picture of Rachel’s striped Koigu, I am repeating a recently posted picture of my daughter-in-law Cathy in her Round Trip jacket, taken on Boxing Day. What I need to know is, is it a shrug? And if not, what is a shrug?

The reason I ask is that I was told that “a shrug” is one of the knitting categories for the Home Industries Tent at the Strathardle Highland Gathering this summer (fourth Saturday in August). The program hasn’t been published yet – that’s an inside tip from a member of the committee.

The Round Trip is great fun to knit, and of course an excuse to buy Noro is great fun too. I’d love to do it again, if it would qualify. Opinions eagerly sought.

I would hope to enter some vegetables, too, but it wouldn’t affect the seed order, to know the categories. There are only about six vegetables I can grow anyway.

I gather we missed an epic week of Our Soap (no television at Burnside). Rachel hints that almost the entire cast perished in a plane crash. We’ll catch up today.


  1. I would not consider Round Trip a shrug. For me a shrug is something that ends just below the shoulder blades. But that's just my feeling.

  2. Anonymous10:21 AM

    I agree with Kucki, it is too long for a shrug. Imagine knitting a long narrow rectangle and then sewing the ends together for your arms, it just covers the top of your back. The round trip is more like a bolero, and very pretty!

  3. Hi Jean, I have been enjoying you blog for a bit and love your crafty ways. Here is a link to a shug and pattern

    Hope you enjoy it.

  4. Anonymous8:20 PM

    I agree with the others that Round Trip is not a shrug. If anything, it's closer to a bolero although it might be a trifle long even for that. A shrug just basically goes across you back, has sleeves, and ends just below bustline (if viewed from the front) or shoulder blades (if viewed from the back). A shrug does not cover your front at all.