Friday, January 06, 2006

Yesterday’s knitting had some of the symmetry of a Greek tragedy.

You will remember that I was afraid, this time yesterday, that I had to rip out the start I had made on knitting lacey initials into the First Holy Communion veil. Then I went to have a look – and to take a picture for Blog purposes – and discovered that I hadn’t made the mistake I thought I had made, and so everything was all right after all.

BUT a dozen or so stitches came off one end of the circular needle I’m using, in the process of photography. Shouldn’t be much of a problem; nothing but st st there. But I couldn’t get them back. Rather, I could, but the spot looked terrible – too much yarn, and I couldn’t see why. All loose and hole-y.The only thing to do, in the end, was to rip out several rows. I went back before the beginning of the initials, because I knew that getting everything back on the needle was going to be a titanic struggle, and I didn’t want to deal with lacey initials as well as all the rest of it.

The struggle was titanic, prompting several times the inclination to burst into tears and throw the whole thing away and start again. But it’s done, and it’ll pass the galloping horse test. And the initials are re-started, I think not as well centered as before. I’ll be more careful the next time I get the camera out.

I’m having a nice time thinking about what to do next. Here in Edinburgh, it’ll be a shawl for my sister, after an interlude in which I will resume the Princess Shawl. In Kirkmichael, where Rachel’s striped Koigu is nearing its end, I hope to knit something for Alexander, who has been grumbling that he hasn’t had a sweater since ought six. I’d love to do something in “Malabrigo” which Halcyon Yarn sells – sort of single-colour Manos. But it’s worsted weight, like Manos, and that’s too heavy. There’s a potentially suitable pattern in the Jamieson 3 book (see above). Maybe I’ll just do that one, using their DK yarn, for which the pattern is written. Alexander grumbles about my necklines – I like that one, and might be able to do it.

The pattern and yarn for my sister’s shawl also remain to be chosen, another delicious mental activity.


Thanks, Mar. Yes, I too sort of like the way the world stops, this time of year. Having the two big holidays on Sunday is particularly good. And I like the fresh-minted, almost convalescent feeling one has as it starts up again.

Our fishmonger is a treasure. We rarely ate fish when we lived in Birmingham because it always had bones in it and my husband always got them. But Mr Dee, as the Italians say, sa i fatti suoi – he can fillet a fish. It’s a tiny little shop in which he offers fish for sale by the pound, which is strictly illegal these days (true). A fair proportion of the Edinburgh legal establishment lives around here, and must buy fish from him. He and his wife regularly go off to Spain after the New Year, and again after the Festival. They are sorely missed. As Bush would not be.

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