Monday, January 30, 2006

Well, here are some stripes, much bleached by the flash. I do love stripes, these are coming out all right – but something isn’t working for me here. I got the travel socks out last night and did a few rounds. I found a really rather nice, largish oddball of some beautiful Manos, and a hat pattern I downloaded recently, and a short 5mm needle, and tonight’s knitting will be that.

And I hope I’ll have time today to order the nudibranch yarn (for the thing I’m going to test-knit for Lorna) and perhaps something for the forthcoming shrug, as well. I will resume stripe-thinking in due course, I hope.


YES, Carol, I am American. We lived in Detroit from 1940 (probably) until 1946 – in a child’s memory, that was forever – on Parkside between Seven and Eight Mile Roads, or was it between Six and Seven? Write to me,, and we can talk Detroit. I was a passionate Tiger fan.

I agree that Christmas tree candles are essentially a German thing, atu. For years we had only rigid clip-on candle holders and it used to take hours to get them reasonably level as branches insisted on springing up or drooping. We knew that in Germany they had holders with a sort of ball socket so that the candle as well as the branch could adjust. Eventually we succeeded in getting some, and they make life easier.

Laurie, I like your stripe idea a lot. Thank you. It’s rather like the way I do Fair Isle, where I choose a number of colours more or less – usually, more -- than the number of rows in the pattern-repeat, so that each time the pattern repeats, it comes at a different point in the colour sequence. When I come back to these KF yarns, I’m going to try it your way.

And Mandella, thank you for the kind words.


On Saturday morning, just as I was posting my Blog entry, in fact, the first of my seed orders arrived. One of the things in the package was a neat little plastic seed-sprouter, for growing bean sprouts and things like that to eat in your salads. And a collection of thirteen different types of seeds, to sprout in it. Mostly this was purchased for Helen, who likes healthy eating and who spends some weeks in Strathardle with her boys in the summer. It will be fun for them, too.

However, I couldn’t wait, and have started off with some onion seeds (chosen at random) and I have to tell you that nothing seems to be happening. I was promised “delicious sprouts” within two or three days. I started right away, on Saturday morning. Time is running out.

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