Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Here is a picture of tonight’s supper. There was a time, not so long ago, when I would eat haggis, and that reluctantly, only twice a year: today, and on St Andrew’s Day. But I have become cautiously rather fond of it.

Laurie: I, too, have found that packages to China take an unconscionable time to arrive, although they always do manage to get there, in the end, however packed with printed matter or woollen fabric. But I fear the veil will have to go DHL, if only to speed things up. It’s not the expense I mind, it’s filling out all those blasted forms in quintuplicate. You’d think I could send it to the Economist office in London and have it make the rest of the journey by diplomatic bag, but apparently not.

I didn’t get much done on it yesterday – I had to attend a Drummond Place Civic Society committee meeting. I got some sock knitting done while there and the rest of the time, I’m sorry to say, I was actually asleep. I hope to finish edging the second long side today, and turn the corner onto the second shoulder.

My sister (who is based in Africa these days) has got as far as London. She has seen Rachel’s Amedro “Lacy Evening Wrap” and approves the shape but has, for the moment, decided on colour instead of black for her own shawl, so that gives us lots to think about. I’m rather glad. I’m a bit weary of white at the moment, and black is not much better.

I have been incensed at the reports on various blogs -- Franklin and You Knit What??, to name but two – that someone is trying to claim copyright on the phrase “Stitch and Bitch”. Is that possible? I was so cross that I followed the links and ordered the tee-shirt. I know that Cafepress tee-shirts are wonderful American things with some substance to them. I can always wear it in the garden although not, I think, on Broughton Street.


Judith has sent me the most remarkable list of links. I ought to be able to narrow the search down quite a lot today. And give some serious thought to the question of who is going to wear this thing. We are not really shrug-type people.

It was only yesterday, for the first time, that I realised how superior IK is to the other magazines, when you want to find a pattern for a particular type of thing. Knitter’s has a table of contents listing the patterns by their silly names – that’s fine if you’re looking for the Round Trip Jacket, but not otherwise. VK doesn’t list the patterns at all. IK actually tells you, in the table of contents, what each pattern is.. hat, shawl, pullover, whatever.


  1. Anonymous3:18 PM

    Hi Jean-
    I am de-lurking for a moment to say that every morning I wake up across the pond in North Carolina and check out your blog- Its one of my favorites.

    I also wanted to say that the whole Stitch'n Bitch thing is more then just annoying. Yahoo groups deleted all groups with "stitch 'n bitch" in their titles, and they did it with short notice. What has resulted is that my local group has now lost the e-mail listing of all the group members (because we didn't change our "name" in time)and people are just confused and a bit upset.
    It really does suck.

  2. I'd eat haggis. I have it on good authority from my daughter Jenn, who's been to Scotland, that it's not half bad--rather like Hamburger Helper, for those Americans who need an analogy.

    There is now a "Boycott Sew Fast Sew Easy" movement. This has many, many people here more than just cross. Try furious. Sew Fast Sew Easy is some shop/company in NYC who clearly underestimated the ire of knitters. Hopefully consumer pressure plus bad press will cause them to drop this whole trademark issue. However, I am doubtful of any intelligence on their part.

  3. Dear Jean,
    Just wanted to thank you for your support and comments on my site. Your last message to me, got me so verklempt, I had to wait a day to respond.