Thursday, July 27, 2006

I phoned our house in the country yesterday, and spoke to Archie. He said it had been raining. The forecast includes quite a bit of “showers” and “rain” for the next few days, so my crops may be safe. Not a drop here in Edinburgh. Remorseless heat. Sweat and crossness.

Thanks, everyone, for help on teaching Mungo to knit. In his absence, I feel newly empowered. I particularly like the instructions you included, Lorna, for the basics of what to do with the hands at each stage. I knew some of the rhymes, but not “Stab ‘em, strangle ‘em” – I’ll try him on that.

I have scarcely any memory of learning to knit. There was no knitting at home, but both grandmothers did it (I think). I’m pretty sure it was Grandmother Smits in Constantine, Michigan who taught me.

I have a half-memory of being given some stitches on a needle and moving them one by one to the other needle, without knitting. Was that to give me an elementary command of handling needles and stitches? Would that help Mungo? Or was it a ploy to keep me quiet? I think I remember being puzzled as to why nothing seemed to result from my efforts.

Not much news here, otherwise. I’m nearly finished with the third repeat, of six, in the centre section of the Paisley Long Shawl. I looked out some yarn yesterday to mend small holes in two of my husband’s sweaters. (Snags? Or the dreaded m—h?) Colour is interesting stuff. I have a stash of Shetland yarn in skeins and oddballs which must rival Meg’s own, but finding even a roughly near match was a difficult assignment, even for the grey. I’m happy enough with what I found, but I haven’t done the darning.

Elaine, I'll have a look round Sweater Wizard to see if I can find those short rows. I fear my copy may be seriously out-of-date. Could I upgrade? But first I'll look.

I bought a steamer yesterday. I love saucepans.

Don’t miss Franklin on Knitting Camp.

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