Monday, July 24, 2006

Look at that! -- and marvel both at the content, and at the fact that Blogger let me post them.

Helen is here in Edinburgh with her three boys. She’s not far off Ketki’s size, so I had her try the gansey on, last night. And, as you see, it fits fine. So the only thing to do is to wait until I see Ketki herself next month, and try it on her.

Otherwise, not much knitting yesterday. Or today, probably. Helen wants to knock off some shopping, and I am going to take the boys to the Royal Museum which is one of those magical places with a dodo and Islamic tiles and pretty well everything in between, including some fine Shetland lace in the Museum of Scotland section. I doubt if that would interest them much.

I didn’t even order the extra skein of Anya’s Garden yesterday. Age is rapidly eroding my ability to multi-task, which was never very high.

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