Monday, July 10, 2006

Not much knitting yesterday – the men’s singles final was too exciting. And we even watched the penalty shoot-out that ended the World Cup. That’s that for sport, as far as I’m concerned, until next year’s international rugby.

Here is the current state of the Paisley Long Shawl. I’m enjoying it more, now that I’ve got to a more interesting passage. Will wonders never cease! Blogger accepted a picture!

Esther, that’s a very good idea, that Hazel Carter’s "Song of Hiawatha" stole might be the answer for my Jade Sapphire lace-weight cashmere. I think I’ll go ahead and order it today. I wandered around Blackberry Ridge for a while, while I was there – I’ve knit their patterns before, and like them a lot. But I didn’t see anything else, for this particular purpose.

The yarn isn’t fine enough, I’m sure, for HC’s Sampler Stole in “Gathering of Lace”. Judith has sent me pictures of hers. It’s stunning. (jean at milesandmiles dot demon dot uk or miles dot jean at googlemail dot com)

It also occurred to me, that the new XRX book about Victorian Lace will be out before I actually launch myself into this project. Or should be. That’s clearly one I’ll have to get. What is it about the photography which is so irritating? Technically, it’s splendid, so I think it has to be the models AX chooses, and the vapid expression he requires of them.


It’s not that I’ve lost interest – it’s that there’s nothing on offer at the moment except ones I’ve already got. I’m “watching” some of them, and recording prices and bidders in a so-far-vain attempt to find some sort of pattern.

Somebody is clearing and sorting the contents of an apartment on the street where my husband’s Artist used to live, in London. I have high hopes that some juicy VKB’s will turn up there.

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