Wednesday, July 12, 2006


I’m halfway through the Large Paisley Pattern panel, on my Paisley Long Shawl. It’s getting to be more and more fun, and I am more and more pleased with the whole project. The fact that Paisley motifs aren’t vertically symmetrical keeps things lively. Susoolu, of course you’re right, Sharon has blocking wires. I ordered some yesterday.

Last night at bedtime I got this:
“My name is Dave and I am from the Support of WorldPay. We have received the payment order (ID 0220712,Receipt Date 09/07/2006) from you and we need to make a verification of the details you have filled in, as we have received a notice from your card service stating that there was a chargeback made by the owner of the card with which you have made the payment and that your level of authorization has been altered during your last transaction. This is a very serious matter. We have deducted the amount of the chargeback, GBP 149.89, from your account and added our standard fee of GBP 24.00 as well (you can see your payment details in the attachment).”

It must be phony – I didn’t open the attachment. But Heirloom Knitting use WorldPay, and it was definitely unnerving. The date doesn’t match, as yesterday was 11/07/2006; the order number doesn’t match; and the prose is suspicious, but you never know these days. And I have made other on-line orders in the last few days, notably the Hiawatha Shawl pattern. I sent it to Alexander and Ketki for their comments. They know everything.

Elephants, Again

The other thing the Socklady brought me was a delicious pile of old copies of Threads. Much of the interesting stuff has been reprinted in those compendiums, which I’ve got – but in the last one in the pile, there is an article about knitting motifs by using a cable-stitch to outline some st st on a purl background.

I haven’t sat down with a pencil yet, but I think one could do quite a presentable small elephant that way. Smallness being the issue, you will remember. It wouldn’t be a lacy elephant, but it could be set in a faggoted frame. The author says the one drawback is that you can’t do a horizontal line, but I think I know a workaround for that one.


Palm Pilot work went smoothly yesterday. Never ask the computer to communicate with the Palm when the latter isn’t fully charged; always do a Hot Synch after one’s day’s work and before switching off; always exit Documents to Go by hand, before switching off. Which of those maxims, if any, have any relevance to my problem? I’m fumbling in the dark.

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