Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I have just taken my first osteoporosis pill and am sitting here waiting to explode. I am to take it once a week, before any food has been consumed, with water, and remain upright for half an hour afterwards. Computing and knitting are allowed, but I can’t go out and hoe the vegetable garden. If I get away with it without side effects, it will prevent any further loss of bone mass. So I am now a genuine Oldie with a pill all my own.

We are going to Glasgow today; I could do without Glasgow.

Christie’s is selling some Scottish art in London later this month. My husband discovered only yesterday, in a pile of paper in his study, a flyer from them saying that “highlights” from the sale would be shown in Glasgow today and tomorrow. He rang them up, and they confirmed that the picture by His Artist is among the highlights. It is a late one, one of the last the artist painted, and my husband has seen it in the past – but he has never seen the back of it, and hopes to do so today. That is what art historians are really interested in.

So off we go. Theoretically he could go by himself, but I don’t entirely trust him out alone. I said that to him, and he agreed. I’ll take the bed socks to knit – I’m advancing nicely down the second foot. I did take the Little Boy Sweater to the meeting last night, and made some progress.

And I have reached row 210 of the Princess border. Since the final row, 220, is unpatterned, I can now be considered to have embarked on a count-down of the last ten rows. A certain amount of “mirroring” is going on – the arrangement of the motifs pivots on the central “feather”. But the motifs themselves are vertically symmetrical, unlike those sprouting seeds which nod to right and left earlier on. And things seem to be progressing smoothly.

I did order Sam the Ram from Blackberry Ridge yesterday, and some 4-ply sport weight cashmere from Blackberry Ridge is an old friend; that’ll be OK. is a plunge into the unknown and it will be interesting to see what happens. Nobody responded to my appeal for information about them. The business has recently changed hands, and there are worrying notes on the website about delays in filling orders. But the website works smoothly and seems secure and professional, and there’s no hurry.

I went for the shade called “Blueberry”. Theo himself had a look, and put that one on a short list. I liked it for its sort of faded-denim-y appearance. is meant to send it to my sister, who will bring it when she comes for the Games. We’re going to have a splendid party this year.

The half-hour is up, and here I still am.


  1. good lick with the tablet...I remember when i first took my new migraine tablet, my heart was racing as i swallowed it and I waited for some awful side effects but the only thing that happened was that it got rid of my migraine andleft me just a bit sleepy, a miracle!! Have a good time in Glasgow, I love reading your blog :^) Marianne

  2. Anonymous12:50 PM

    Hello Jean,

    My mother takes her tablet at the weekend, she has never had any bother with side effects, hope the same goes for you. If you can combine the 'waiting' time with your blogging habit, it won't be a hardship.

    I hope it increases your bone density quickly - you surely do not need another bone break.

    All the best,

  3. Anonymous1:31 PM

    I'm visiting a friend in DC who washes her hair the morning she takes hers--she says that exactly takes up the time. What interesting links we elderly have!

  4. Anonymous3:34 PM

    I saw Sam the Ram "in person" or "in ram" a couple weeks ago. He is very classy and I thought larger than he seems in the photo.

  5. Anonymous12:41 AM

    I have dealt with several times and they have always been great to work with. Very helpful and knowledgeable. Suzy in Idaho

  6. Anonymous3:05 AM

    I know this is a knitting blog and not an osteoporosis site, but I feel obliged to note that on the CBS news this evening they talked about testing of zolendronic acid which is close to being approved in the US by the FDA and only has to be taken once a year! If you Google < "zolendronic acid" cbs >, you will see the story. Helena

  7. Anonymous3:09 AM

    PS. If you type < "zolendronic acid" bbc >, you will see a story from the BBC. Helena

  8. good that you get some medicine for the condition. and good luck.

    about the indigo dye it is something i read many years ago in my dye book by esther nielsen. i actually did a lot of dye yarn with plants when i was a teenager. but never any indigo blue. a lot of cochenille though which was very interesting, and as i remember it, very expensive.