Monday, May 14, 2007

Little to report. Another day, another dollar.

I did the first big decrease in the yoke of the Little Boy sweater – ¼ of the stitches gone – and the colours started swirling gloriously instead of striping as before. I’ll carry on for today, through a decrease which will remove another third of the stitches, in the hopes of being able to illustrate what’s happening. The Princess had Saturday, so it’s all right.

I mustn’t forget my intention of attempting ikat patterning with one of Natalie's yarns. I may be getting near the end of the Little Boy, the March club offering, but I still haven’t even wound April or May.


You’ll enjoy the pictures in Lorna's latest blog entry.

Another one that I read when I can is Baghdad Burning – entries are rare, at least in part because electricity is rare, where she is. I think she’s won prizes for it; there may even be a book. I have no idea who she is. Young. Iraqi. Perfect idiomatic English. She doesn’t seem to knit. Google has nothing to add -- she's anonymous for her own protection.

She and her family have finally decided to leave. I hope the blog continues, not least because the process of leaving and the story of what happens next will be extremely interesting.

Another one I’m following keenly at the moment is Annie Modesitt. Her life has taken one of those jogs – the family have moved west, and her husband is seriously ill. There’s no use giving you a link, though, because I’m getting only a blank screen this morning. I think she’s been messing around with the arrangements


  1. Anonymous9:04 AM

    Thanks Jean for that reference to the Baghdad Burning blog. I just read the entry for April 26 and found it extremely moving. There was an article recently in the Irish Times about award winning blogs and that blog was one of them. I cut the article out but didn't follow up on reading all the blogs mentioned. I'll try to find the cutting - probably in a pile of papers at my feet.

  2. Another Baghdad diary which might interest you is that of Saad Eskander, who is the director of the Iraq National Library and Archive. It isn't a Blog per se, but is a diary being posted every other week by the British Library: