Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Not much, today.

I have embarked on row 209 of the Princess border. The trouble with the current situation is that I keep thinking ahead – whereas the joy of Princess knitting, up until now, has been timelessness. This will last forever – sit still and enjoy the moment.

But the big question now, on the contrary, is whether I can get the centre started before I have to knock off and knit Sam the Bloody Ram as my Games entry.

The Games are on the Fourth Saturday in August (as always) so I could postpone ram-knitting until mid June, perhaps. I hate knitting to a deadline; there’s got to be plenty of time. I will soon finish the Princess border, insh’Allah (220 rows). But then there are some rows of plain garter stitch, not difficult but not instantaneous over 850 stitches.

Then the insertion. That’s obviously tricky, and will have to be practised before I attempt it in real life. And when I’m ready, it’s 20 rows long.

Is that achievable in May? much of which I hope will be spent in Strathardle cooing over my vegetables.

We’ll see.

Not much will be achieved today, either, because I must go to a Drummond Place committee meeting this evening. Maybe I’ll take the Little Boy Sweater, which is a manageable size and at a particularly easy stage just now, instead of my usual Committee Sock.

I’m circling round the question of the Barak-electing sweater for nephew Theo, and may even nerve myself to order some cashmere from handknitting.com soon.


  1. Anonymous10:53 AM

    While I am keen to see Sam the Ram I would also love to see another mermaid. Can understand though that the Ram would be more in keeping with the setting for the Games. Hard to tear yourself away from your beloved lace knitting.

  2. Anonymous2:36 PM

    The cashmere yarn is exquisite. What color are you considering?