Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sorry about yesterday. It was Christian Aid Booksale Day, a big Edinburgh event. And it rained, which is not usually the case. So the knitting stall was not in its usual spot, but stuffed inside somewhere. It took some finding, and the women in charge didn’t know where most of their stock was, and it was so crowded you couldn’t breathe. Nothing of interest that I could see.

I bought Starmore’s Celtic Knitting cheap, remembering the sort of prices her books fetch and believing I could make my fortune and retire. Turns out that one’s in print.

By the time all that was over, and the Saturday shopping done, I was too tired to breathe, let alone blog.


I’ve finished row 216 of the Princess border. The end-game, indeed. This last bit has been a bit tough – because it was too easy. Ted would understand. It was an alternation of two very similar motifs, and I was constantly wondering which one came next, or even which one I was doing at the moment. Now one of them has dropped out and the rest should be straightforward although even easier.

I think my current plan is to finish the border, practice the insertion (but not attempt it in real life), and then tackle Sam the Ram. Judith, I did join the Yahoo Sam group, on your suggestion. There doesn’t seem to be much happening there at the moment, but I can always read the archives or ask specific questions. Thanks for that.

I must here confess that I’ve ordered some “Glasgow Tenement” yarn from The Yarn Yard. The original skein had sold before I got there – although I burst through the doors of the virtual shop on the day it went on the shelves. But Natalie is going to dye some more for me. There’ll never be another yarn called “Glasgow Tenement”. I have in mind something like the “big easy” sweater in the new issue of Knitting magazine – a pattern I had admired but not bought in a “Sublime” pattern book. And a boy something like Fergus Drake of Thessaloniki.

The current Little Boy Sweater progresses well, and since today is its day, and maybe tomorrow, the end isn’t far away.


Tamar, you’re right about the gansey sleeve. (You’re often right, I notice!) If I simply decrease to 60 stitches and then knit to the required length, the lower bit may be too tight. I was given a sweater to use as a template for both the gansey and the Calcutta Cup sweater – i.e., it fits both Alexander and his wife Ketki. I’ll take it to Strathardle next time. It's the one Alexander spilled red wine down the front of. Maybe it would be more prudent, and more attractive, to space out those last decreases anyway.

Esther, it’s not me you have to thank for Lasagna gardening, but kristieinbc, who left a comment back in April when I first introduced my clumsy raised bed. Here’s the ritual how-the-garden-looked-when-we-left picture from last week. The grass needs cutting again already.

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  1. Anonymous5:59 PM

    I'm glad you got the Sam pattern, I told you it would be a bit of a challenge! I'll be interested to watch your progress. I have the pattern but never knit him...I chickened out, I guess!! Or maybe I discovered lace knitting and new challenges at the time, I don't remember now...