Sunday, July 08, 2007

Nearly to the corner, and here I must pause, because we have decided to take advantage of the current flicker of good weather to make a dash to Strathardle after Mass. Back next weekend, or thereabouts. Mr Federer will have to manage without me this afternoon.

The next post will be my thousandth. Not really, because there was a long stretch when Blogger wouldn't incorporate pictures and I had to post them as separate items, via Flickr. Still, it's quite a lot.

Mel, thanks for the supportive comment, and congratulations on the garlic. Maybe I’ll try it again; at the very worst, I could chop the leaves into salads.

I am hugely looking forward to the reunion with my vegetables. After all this rain, the first early potatoes could be ready to lift. And there were buds on the biggest courgette plant a fortnight ago. And I’m hoping to cook cime di rapa this evening – this time, without blanching. We’ll try it bitter, the way the Italians do.



  1. Anonymous8:18 PM

    I make cime di rapa a lot--I find a very brief blanching is the best--still bitter but very nice. Is it hard to grow? Good sausage is wonderful with it.

  2. I'm getting a good idea of the colour variations in the yarn now that the stole is so long. Good luck with the edging joins. VLT is on my must buy list. So many books, so little time!

    Have you tried growing cavolo nero (black cabbage)? Just recently came across it on a cooking show and saw this recipe for what looked like an excellent minestrone soup: