Thursday, July 26, 2007

Somewhere in row 7. All continues well. It’s a bit boring, but that’s better than stressful.

Maureen, it’s good to hear from you (yesterday’s comment). Knitting Sam the Ram as my Games entry was entirely Maureen’s idea, expressed on a jolly yarn crawl we had earlier this year. It must have been in March or April, because I remember a nice day, and it’s been pretty remorselessly awful around here since early May.

Miscellaneous non-knit

My Dolores sweatshirt turned up from Cafepress yesterday. I won’t wear it until Games Day.

Janet, that’s a really interesting question about the Games and Monarch of the Glen – one that must be put to my sister and her family. They are devoted to the series. We don’t entirely mind it, but make no effort to seek it out. It seems more than somewhat saccharine. We have more motive than some to watch, in that the author of the eponymous book lived and died in our house. (And I’m sure when Compton Mackenzie looks out over the bar of heaven towards Drummond Place, he regards us as living in his house.)

But my sister is seriously keen, and she and her family also enjoy the Games. All of them are going to make the long and expensive journey this year, to our delight.

The rest of the world, I gather, is reading Harry Potter. Not me. I have been waiting very patiently for this to turn up as a paperback. I am surprised to see from the copyright date that it’s only been a year. But there it was, yesterday in the supermarket, and I’m enjoying it.


  1. I hope you'll share a picture of you in the Delores sweatshirt at the Games, holding the prize won for the knitting of Sam.

    I'm congratulating myself - I have finished reading your archives (in chronological order, of course). I can't just start reading a blog - I need to read from "the beginning of the story."

  2. Anonymous11:09 AM

    The answer to Janet's question is that our exposure to the Games came first. I think the last time you posted one of the family pictures from the Games you described it as "very Monarch of the Glen", so when I spotted the video in our local library I took it out. I started watching on my own, then pulled Roger in and we have been hooked ever since. The similarity to some of what we've seen and people we've met adds to the charm.
    But we had the great advantage of watching straight through. The first year or two was by far the best; I suspect I'd agree with you if I'd only tried some of the middle part.
    Volume 7 is about to be released in the US so it will All be Over for us sometime this winter.

  3. Anonymous2:36 PM

    I watched Monarch of the Glen on BBC America for the first 2 seasons. Once Archie and Lexie left, I didn't much care for it.

    To me it was a little like Ballykissangel. Once you got beyond what was clearly the orginator's idea, it stumbled a little. Wonderful scenery, though. Made the McDonald in me want to head for the glens. OTOH, the Italian in me pointed out that I'm allergic to gorse and heather, and every time I do head for the glens I end up with an allergy head ache. 8-)

    I do wish that Hamish MacBeth would show up again. It only aired at weird intervals on BBC America, and I'd watch Robert Carlyle read the phone book. 8-)

    Good luck with Sam! I'm sure he'll bring you a ribbon or 3.

  4. French and Saunders did a wicked parody called "Monarch of the Glum" - which included Saunders, as whatever character Susan Hampshire plays, cooing madly, "But the episode can't be over! I haven't worn my pink pashmina yet!"

  5. Umm, I haven't heard of the King book, and I love Stephen King, I must be slipping. I was just out in King country yesterday Jean, it was simply stunning. Never having been in Maine before I was blown away, and those are some mountains they have in Vermont, I was impressed!

    Let me know how the book goes, I will have to look out for it for myself!

  6. Nother comment for you Jean, I just saw your last post on the Princess insertion, thought posting here might find its way quicker to you.

    The insertion I think is a leap in faith in the designer, don't think about it, just do as your told, and all will come good, then try to figure it out once it is done.

    I have put that period of my life behind me, so have forgotten all about it by now.
    What a lovely insertion it is though, it's a stunning detail in the whole shawl. I would enjoy it while you can Jean, it's not so much fun on the other side of the shawl. Lots of work to do, all the same, repeat after repeat of the same pattern. The insertion was definitely more fun.
    Hopefully I will get some of my vacation photo's up later, that will have to do for now as I got no knitting done while we were away, so no Princess progress.


  7. Anonymous11:53 AM

    Jean - Colourway have just sent me an e-mail to say that their Jaeger sale will be starting August 1st. It is true! Jaeger are closing down, unfortunately.


  8. It was thanks to you that I bought Lisey's Story when I spotted it in the airport bookshop - the day I went to meet my friend Bonnie. I have finished it now, having spent a bit of concentrated time with it during my Music Week. Am not sure I liked it but I kept going. Should I try an earlier Stephen King or is Stephen King just not my type of book?