Monday, July 30, 2007

The Thessalonikis are safely here, all, except for Helen, much bigger than when we saw them last in Greece in November. They arrived late and without any luggage. I fed them a bit, and then Helen went back to the airport while I put exhausted boys to bed in the clothes they stood up in.

They’re all still unconscious this morning, but Helen is here, and so is a lot of luggage.

On family matters, don’t fail to read Theo's account (Saturday the 28th) of his cousin Joe’s first week in Washington. I think Rachel wondered, when this project was first mooted, whether Joe would spend a fortnight playing computer games while Theo was at work. Clearly not. Theo must have taken a lot of trouble over this. I think he has created the experience of a lifetime for his cousin.

I can’t imagine how Congresswoman Boyda’s constituents are getting along on Joe’s advice, but that week of interning is going to look good on his university applications in a few months’ time.


VKB No. 3 sold for $172 last night – I was the underbidder (in the person of my sister; it was American eBay and the middle of the night). I’m clearly going to have to do some rethinking on prices. Number 8 fetched even more a few days ago.

As for the Princess, I think all’s well. I’m halfway across row 14. The top rank of laurel leaves are sloping neatly in the right direction, and I think they’ll pass muster. From now on I’ll follow your practice, Kathy, and knit it exactly as given. I’ll be interested to see however – in connection with the discussion of the last few days – how the current row of laurel leaves are finished at the top.

Then will follow five rows of garter stitch, which can be devoted to counting and re-counting and making sure that the two stitches which are arithmetically in the middle are also geometrically centred.

I’ve been trying to Simpsonize my grandsons without success. Here's Archie.


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  2. Anonymous6:32 PM

    Hi Jean,
    I am danish but we have lived in Vancouver Canada for 26 years.I enjoy your Blog very much,I wish I could meet you one day.I have to know what is VKB? I must be very ignorant.

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  4. Jean--You could try and create your own avatar. It's fairly easy to get the hang of it. I tried simpsonize and couldn't get it to work.

  5. (Commenting from the local library)
    Joe must be having a blast! I remember as a 14yo staying with my 22yo sister during school holidays when she was a lab-tech in a uni. She arranged to have us help out with th drudge work at various labs - it was cool fun. I was a match-maker for the lab rats (lots of teeth involved) and learnt waaaay too much about fly larvae. Yep, 38yo and still remember those holidays like yesterday!!!