Saturday, December 15, 2007

Blog Post No. 1111

A frustrating day yesterday, a running-to-stay-in-the-same-place day. Let’s see if we can do better today.

I did achieve my Linked Rib target, although only just – 6”. Not much for 30 stitches of Silk Garden on biggish needles, but endless time is spent separating and re-combining the rib, with what seems like very little knitting in between. It remains fun. Three more six-inch days to go.

Lee, you have persuaded me (comment yesterday) to try the Drifting Pleats – but I attach no guarantee of perseverance. For me, too, learning two-handed stranding was the Great Leap Forward in my knitting history. It happened in Leicester in the late 60’s, when I had Mary Thomas’ Knitting book out of the library. That was the beginning of my Fair Isle Phase. So if this experience can be compared to that, I’ll give it a go.

I can’t imagine what a j-shaped cable needle is, but good old Google will tell me.

Koolhaas: the stitch definition is better than you might think from yesterday’s picture, but nothing to compare to the beauties shewn elsewhere. Maybe I can get a picture of the Wearer Wearing, over the hols.

Mary Lou, thank you for the hat patterns. That’s another thing I’m definitely going to do – for me – once the solstice is behind us.


Knititch, I suspect you’re right that seasonal gloom and fear-of-darkness increases with age.
That’s why we’re celebrating, of course – all this fuss is designed to bring the light back. Up to now, it’s always worked.

Here is my Seasonal Crossness story: on November 3, I ordered two boy-presents from Bletchley Park, a scaled-down Enigma machine and a build-your-own-rocket-and-watch-it-fly kit.

My credit card expired at the end of November, and I had some trouble getting the new one. Nothing wrong with my credit, which is impeccable: inefficiency on the part of the issuer. At least one supplier from whom I ordered in mid-November (Museum Selection) didn’t getting around to filling the order until December, and then couldn’t get their money. (The new card has the same number but a different security code.) They sent me an email and invited me to phone. I tried and got Mozart and a recorded message saying repeatedly how busy and sorry they were. I decided those two presents weren’t very important.

I assumed the same thing had happened to Bletchley Park. But yesterday I got a credit card statement – they’ve got their money. I visited the website. It was still not too late to order for Christmas, they said. And what had happened to my order? “Waiting for stock”

Those are two important little boys.


  1. It's nice to see someone who has daily knitting goals,and we all enjoyed figuring out which projects you are working on.

    Darkness in winter -- I have most of the lights on, some candles and it's snowing and gray outside, too. Holiday music helps! MaryjoO (don't think I'll get that Earth Wrap Stole cast on until after Xmas, sigh)

  2. oh yes christmas is designed for that purpose. i am looking very much forward to seeing the linked rib. and the koolhaas worn by the owner. i would so much like to do one in qiviut. came along some twice this week and oh my is it lovely.

  3. Bletchley shouldn't have taken your money if they haven't got the item to dispatch. I'm not sure if it's actually illegal, but it's against the code practised by mail order companies and the like. But I quite understand if this information doesn't galavanize you to protest; sometimes the reward doesn't seem worth the hassle.

  4. So you know I had to go over to the bletchly park gift shop. Too late for this year, and my nephew may be a bit young, but soon. The darkness is hard here, too. I light candles in the morning, and I do have a SAD light which helps with my personal energy level, and it can also be used at a lower setting for task lighting. Not the same a sunlight, however...

  5. I agree with Helen - I don't know of any business that takes your money when the item is out of stock. Even Target stores in the US will send you an email saying it's out of stock and give you the option to wait for it or not. Sometimes I'm not sure which is the more frustrating - battling the crowds in the stores or the problems of online shopping.

    I find holiday music helps - especially when it's only 4 pm and getting dark outside.