Friday, December 14, 2007

Thank you for all the comments yesterday. I didn’t deserve them, for such a short and grumpy note, and I love comments.

I will track down all the hat patterns suggested. I’ve looked at your Noro one on Ravelry, Pie, and I agree, it’s good. I’ve added it to my “Faves”. I think I’ve ordered one more ball of Silk Garden than I’m going to need for the Linked Ribs: so maybe with that…

But on the hat front, it has occurred to me that there is one I could knit for a small head which would fill another gap on the Christmas list. (I didn’t do very well with internet shopping this year.) I have painted myself, I fear, into the very corner which in previous years I have loftily eschewed: counting the remaining days, reckoning the amount of Linked Ribs I need to knit every day (yesterday’s target easily achieved), and now trying to factor in a little hat.

At my stage of life, now that I don’t have to turn out for end-of-term school productions, the things to be done at this time of year aren’t too many, aren’t difficult, aren’t unpleasant. But the sense of stress is just the same, the pressure increasing with the darkness.

I enjoyed myself yesterday thinking what New Scarf I will knit with my Manos Silk Blend. My husband – who is much better, thanks – looked over at me and the Linked Ribs last night and said he hoped it was for a child. He does occasionally intervene like that towards the end of the project when he fears I might be thinking of appearing in public in it.

His remark rather coincided with one by my friend Lindsay. She was wondering, the last time I saw her, just how wearable some of the scarves in the book would be. I think almost all of them are great, and very much what the shops are showing – although not, I have to agree, much like what I see around people’s necks as I walk about. A lofty rib is the commonest there, I would say.

So for the Manos, wearable must be high on the list of desirable qualities. I like the Drifting Pleats, and am inspired by Grumperina’s enthusiasm. But: five dp’s, a pair of single-pointed needles the same size, and a j-shaped cable needle – that sounds daunting. I like the idea of the Tricorner – but do I want to knit any more flanges just now? At the moment, the choice is between a single-colour Stacked Wedges or some Tilted Blocks, like Chronic Knitting Syndrome.

Here’s the Koolhaas, looking more Koigu than Kool.


  1. Well, it's definitely not looking Kool if you pronounce it as the Dutch do ("coal"). It looks quite nice, although it's not entirely clear from the photo how well the stitch definition shows up on the handpainted.

    Have yet to get my flu jab, as I was stricken by The Crud and have wanted to get well over that. I need to go get it, though, seeing as I have to deal with the great unwashed masses.

  2. it looks great. but oh my how difficult it is to shoot knitting especially cabled knitting. i love your husband's comment... and your's about pressure and darkness. i guess there is no way to getting used to it no matter how many times you've experienced it. and i personally feel that i detest the darkness more when getting older.

  3. I just started the Drifting Pleats -- errr, ripped it out -- last night (a pleat ended up on the wrong side, due to a instruction mis-read on my part). Despite that, I haven't been this excited about knitted technique since I learned to knit stranded with two hands. *Very* exciting. The greater part of the knitting involves 4 double-points on the right side and one single-point on the wrong side. Still a lot of needle juggling.

  4. Anonymous7:24 PM

    I want more shots of the hat!! I love the colour, and I HOPE, as Mel does, that the stitch definition is clear!
    Glad your husband's cold is better!

  5. I hope that's for a child... very droll. I am sending you a couple of hat patterns for your browsing pleasure.

  6. Anonymous3:39 AM

    Peeking down the side of the hat,
    I can see the Koolhaas cable pattern. I think the stitch definition makes the pattern visible for those who care to look.

    The scarf with the chain link effect looks neat in the pictures. I wonder how much the doubling effect of the "linking" area will affect how it feels and fits under a collar. I suspect it won't be lumpier than any bulky scarf.