Tuesday, December 04, 2007

This link was in Kathy's comment yesterday. The Fishwife sent it to me privately. Everybody, have a look. SisterHelen, you’ll miss a bit of the fun, for never having read the Yarn Harlot, but you’ll get the idea. I don’t even enjoy the Harlot all that much (heresy, I know) and so I read down through the first third of the post-at-the-end-of-the-link in bewilderment: why does she think I’d be interested in this?

But all became clear.

SisterHelen and FriendHelen and I exchanged other, soberer, encouraging links on the subject yesterday. See SisterHelen’s comment. All this must be related to the fact that I’m working on Theo’s gansey – post hoc ergo propter hoc, whaddid I tell ya? One can only imagine what will happen when I finish the Christmas knitting and engage with the gansey full-time.

SisterHelen, that’s the word to look for: “gansey”.

I got on fine with it yesterday. It turned out I had done more thinking than I gave myself credit for, before I started. Sure enough, I had forgotten to take account of the four seam stitches in my calculations, but that’s easily remedied (I think). I measured, holding my breath, to try to get an idea of what gauge was actually being achieved, and got one that, if true, would produce a circumference of 48” whereas we’re aiming for 50”.

That’s well within the allowable margin of error (like Obama’s lead in Iowa), especially as the initial ribbing may still be pulling it in a bit, so I pressed happily on. I finished the plain part where the initials are and embarked on the garter-stitch divider. Knitting in the round, that has to be achieved by purling every other round, which is a bit of a nuisance but not much. This is very pleasant knitting – Theo’s cashmere feels much more cashmere-like than does cashmere Koigu, for whatever reason. Has the dye process subdued the Koigu in some way?

So I think I’ll press on for a day or two, and get the body pattern established. Not much will happen today, as I must attend the AGM of the Drummond Place Civic Society which means sock-knitting at best.

Miscellaneous including non-knit

I showed my husband the Kirkmichael postcard that’s coming up on eBay (see yesterday). He was baffled, to the point of wondering whether it was mislabeled and actually showed some other village. I’m sure not. I’m sure it’s us – the relationship of the bridge and the church and the hotel are perfect. Maybe I’ll print it out and take it with us when we go up (insh’Allah) on Thursday and see if I can identify the buildings on our side of the river.

Mary Lou, that pack of Brittany cable needles sounds very tempting. Lemme have a look around here before you take any action: Hk Handknit might even have them. And thanks.

You make Malabrigo Silky Merino sound utterly delectable. Interesting that they should be doing it, just as Manos comes up with the silk blend I ordered last week.


  1. Well, it was knitting + Obama, so I was sure you'd be at least mildly interested. I quite like Harlot though, especially since she'd responded to a couple of my comments and given the number she gets, I'm amazed she has time to read them.

    Back to Obama, the thing I liked best about the pictures was the fact he seemed to be genuinely entertained by the mad knitting lady, in a nice way. I know very little of US politics (yes, shameful!) but a sense of humour in the White House could only be an improvement.

  2. In response to Kathy in Juneau's comment yesterday, re tinyurl.com, if you have Firefox you can add a Tiny Url button to the toolbar, so it's all done in a moment. Have you got Firefox yet?

  3. Aunt Jean, I promise, come what may in the primaries, that I will get my picture taken, in the gansey, with Barack Obama.

  4. I'm 'away' for a few days and much stuff happens. Typical. In short - Earth Stripes: worth the agony. I-cord inspired addition. Museum fees: would never stiff the curator, I always ask too many questions and feel must reimburse in some way :) Torty cat: lovely post and gorgeous kitty. Thanks for inspiring the post. Must post about Harvey Mudd one day... Barack and knitting: can't wait for this photo to hit the campaign press trail!

  5. When I saw the Stringativity blog, I thought of you immediately -- as quite a few others did apparently!

    As much as I enjoy reading your blog, I find it funny that you don't enjoy Stephanie's blog as much as I do. But then I remember the many bloggers (that I enjoy) who rave about other bloggers, so I go read those others out of curiosity. Some I like, but most others (thank goodness) are ehh? for me.

    Politically speaking I'm very undecided -- but wasn't that a wonderful smile on his face? It was so obviously an 'in the moment and very amused' smile rather than a political 'anything for a vote' smile.