Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Lunch with the sister-in-law was OK, the hat progresses, I did some more scarf in the evening. I’m nicely on target to finish both hat and scarf in time. I think. I’ll try to take a scarf picture today if it ever gets light.

One very distinct advantage of having all those people in K*rkmichael next week is that I have largely been spared both the trouble and the expense of posting packages this year. I went down to the post office after we got back yesterday to dispatch the only one on the list. The queue filled the little shop. I see I’ve missed the last-posting-day for second class Christmas cards (yesterday) so I’d better get back on that job.

I think I am getting some interesting colour-swirls on 110 stitches with Yarn Yard yarn, as hoped, and really do mean to return to thoughts of ikat knitting in the New Year. She’s got some gorgeous yarns in the shop, including a lace yarn named after ME.

Comments: Knititch, I just ordered the Charlene Schurch book from Amazon on your recommendation. (It’s currently out of stock in the UK, but they promise not to charge the credit card until it comes in.) Tamar, thank you for the specifics on hat-knitting.

Today’s Event is a long dental appointment while he makes a crown for one of my few remaining teeth. It should be something of a stress-reliever, and I may get some more hat knit in the waiting room.


  1. well i hope you will like it. there is a great dubbelmössa in it. but it is available on www.bookdepository.co.uk for 6.83 including shipping. i highly recommend to buy books from the bookdepository who has a great range of crafts books. the new stitchionary from interweave are 13 GBP there and 26 in the bookshops in denmark. great saving.
    and then i bumped into a enid blyton who has written stitchionaries too. is that the enid blyton of famous five fame?? i suppose you'd know, if any, or some of your readers. it could be. after all barbara walker has been researching 'herstory'.

  2. The thing I like most about the Book Depository is that their system will not allow you to order books that are not in stock, so I never find myself waiting impatiently.

  3. Anonymous7:54 PM

    Immortalized in lace yarn! How thrilling!