Thursday, February 14, 2008

A BBC commentator on the early-morning radio today referred to Hillary’s “slightly unhinged performance” at a rally in Texas yesterday. I’ve googled around, and I think that must be San Antonio, but I can’t find a video clip. Anybody? He went on to say that she has won all the states anybody has ever heard of (he was speaking to the British, remember, slightly tongue-in-cheek). I would except CT, but essentially he was right. The polls still favour her strongly in Ohio.

What I discovered as I googled about was that March 4 is the anniversary of the Alamo. Somebody Up There has a sense of humour.

I am terribly grateful to you all for bearing with me. Many must be bored or even antagonistic to all this. I’ve never been even mildly interested in primaries before, nor so fired up about a presidential election since Adlai Stevenson stood against Ike in ’52. This one is better than rugby.


Try I think that will solve all your problems, but if it doesn't, write to me again, with an email address. I tried to get in touch with you directly yesterday, but failed.


I joined the gansey shoulders, calculated the sleeves with care – doesn’t mean I’ve got it right – and picked up stitches, 200 of them, for what I realised too late is the left sleeve. I’m starting off with a few ridges of garter stitch. I don’t mind purling in general, but purling in the round (necessary to achieve garter st in the round) is peculiarly unpleasant. That must be why EZ was so agin’ it.

Soon – today – I will have to set the pattern. Since I have put a ladder, rather than a snake, at the centre front and back, I want one to straddle the top of the sleeve. How to calculate? Yesterday, the problem defeated me. This morning, with synapses somewhat restored by sleep, I think I’ve got it, and even think I’ve worked it out without pencil, paper or calculator. Doesn’t mean I’ve got it right. I’ll tell you tomorrow.

At the moment, I’m decreasing the gusset on every third round. When that’s finished I’ll have to calculate the decrease rate for the rest of the sleeve. Sufficient unto the day…

The Royal Infirmary was more expeditious than usual yesterday. I nearly finished the heel flap of the KF sock, but I had expected to get further. However, plans are afoot for Rachel and her family to come up for Easter, joining Alexander and his family at Loch Fyne or in Glasgow. We’re included, and that should mean an outward and an inward journey and at least one night away: enough, with a bit of application, to finish the sock.

I haven’t added a button to the sidebar yet, but I updated Rachel, Alexander, James and Helen yesterday from Games Day ’05 to Games Day ’07. And I chose my costume for Games Day ’08. I’m going to wear a Fibertarian Party sweatshirt after all, but under it I will have on this tee-shirt, and I can always take off the sweatshirt and leave it in the car if the day is really hot.


  1. some knitter made an obama colourwork chart. i wish i could find the link. maybe later. oh yes why is purling in the round so awful?

  2. There is a chart for Obama's logo at Is that the one? And there's a Knitters for Obama site at - with a button!

  3. Jean, I don't mind the political talk. As a Republican, I'm following the Democratic race also. I hate to say it, but I'm afraid that whoever receives the Democratic nomination will be tough to beat. I think it's about time we had a female president, I just don't think Clinton is the right choice. While Obama is charismatic, articulate, and chooses his people well (he hasn't fired anyone yet!), his inexperience can be a draw back; and I simply don't agree with his views. The whole process is quite riveting.

  4. Jean,
    Hillary was in El Paso, where she has some support and is courting the Hispanic vote. Surprisingly. my Hispanic students, especially the young males, are supporting Obama. Perhaps there is hope in Texas, where for the first time in recent memory there is excitement about the national primaries. We're even getting to see the campaign commercials we usually only hear about.

  5. The politics don't bother me but then I'm with you all the way! I can't translate experience as a first lady to the experience of being president. Having someone running based on service vs me-me desire to win has been a long time gone. Nice to have it back.

    My only politically-related question when I read your blog is: what's behind your interest and knowledge of things USA? I feel like I jumped into the middle of the story.

    I am contemplating a gansey for the "spousal unit"; loved the patterning of yours.

  6. Thanks for the link! That certainly does help.


  7. Anonymous9:40 PM

    I see a possible subtle snide comment in the image on the Fibertarian shirt, which makes me want one even more.

    Congratulations on figuring out the guernsey sleeve (even if it takes another go). I'm still working out a hat pattern.

    Purling in the round is much easier if you run the yarn over your left shoulder and "throw" it with the left thumb - then it's easier than knitting.

  8. Have you seen this website? Maybe you have, it may have been around, but I just saw it today and I knew you'd be interested.

  9. Keep on posting, Jean .... I too am more interested this year than ever as to how thing will end up. It definitely is interesting.

    And I'm slowly working on the Earth wrap stripes ... it certainly goes slowly, but the feel is lovely.

  10. Anonymous5:13 AM

    Somehow, it seems more appropriate that you start with the left sleeve of the Obama guernsey, don't you think?