Thursday, February 07, 2008

I’ve cheered up a bit about Tuesday’s voting, although I still profoundly wish there were a way to put a stop to this. I can remember nothing like it. Whichever one wins, the nation will know that only half the Democratic party wanted it that way.

I am amused to learn that the Clintons have lent a lot of money to Hillary’s campaign. The BBC said that she had lent it to herself, but I have had a personal message from Obama’s campaign manager this morning, saying that it came from both of them. As must be the case. She couldn’t be that rich (one would hope), a hard-working senator like her. This must come from Bill’s post-presidential earnings and rather underlines his ambition to get back to the White House.

Theo made an interesting non-partisan appearance on local radio yesterday. He posted the URL in advance on the family blog, but when I tried to listen, I was told that access from outside the US was not allowed. (Did that happen to you, Janet?) His proud parents couldn’t hear it either, as they had a power failure at the crucial moment. So Theo sent us an electronic copy—that is, an audible one – last night, and I hope he will post that to the blog.

Enough politics. Too much.

The sun shone yesterday. Here’s the gansey, on the doorstep in my own shadow. I added a bit more last night. You can faintly discern the initials, TELeC, at the lower right just above the ribbing.

I have decided that it is silly not to allow myself one day a week of non-gansey-knitting, as planned, and have therefore started winding a skein of Manos Silk Blend and perusing “Knitting New Scarves” again. I’d like to knit Drifting Pleats, challenge-wise, but the author says it requires undivided attention throughout, and I’m not willing to give it that.

I’m interested in Tricorner, because it’s exactly the same technique as the Linked Rib I’ve already done, but produces an entirely different result. And I like Tilted Blocks a lot. But top of the mental list, at the moment, is Stacked Wedges. I’ll confer with Helen this afternoon. (Don’t miss Kristin Nicholas' comment of yesterday.)

Jean K., you’re absolutely right, “Knitting Lace” by Susanna Lewis is a marvellous book, full of excellent technical advice about using lace in knitting design. I forgot. I’m sorry to hear it’s hard to come by – the moral, as so often, is that you’d better go ahead and buy any knitting book you’re interested in right now, because it’s going to cost a packet on eBay in five years’ time.

Our granddaughter Kirsty Miles of Beijing was born in one of the rare years (2000) when Scotland won the Calcutta Cup, and I incorporated an image of it in her Christening shawl (bottom of page). I used Susanna Lewis’ exposition of the technique of curved faggotting, p. 145, for the handles.


  1. Yes, I couldn't access the broadcast either. A bit frustrating as I had been looking forward to it all day.
    By the way, since I read, and enjoy, your blog so much, I have nominated you for an award. I'm not the first to do this and I am only one of your many readers. I am looking forward to meeting in person at the Knitting Workshop in Edinburgh on March 14th.

  2. Many thanks to Lee and Jean for their lace comments. I have knit Icarus and am impressed with Miriam Felton's lace design but had never explored the rest of her site so had missed out on her design tutorials. And, yes, I'm starting to feel that I should buy any knitting book I have even the slightest interest in, knowing myself well enough to know that the minute the book is no longer available I will develop a full-blown obsession with said technique!

    As for politics I grew up in Illinois, so Obama is appealing, but I came of age during the Clinton years and (proudly) have a "bitchy" professional reputation (the joys of being a woman with high standards). I hope whomever receives the nomination will end up uniting the party somehow. We need unity and a positive focus for the next four (eight, hopefully) years.

  3. Thank you, Jean, for mentioning the Kristin Nichols talk. I've been reviewing a bunch of fiber newsletters recently, including theirs and missed notice of this event. Will go! Also, I enjoyed the post on her (unknown-to-me) blog. I'm more enthused to hear her, having read something of her food interests.

    As for politics, I, too am a Chicago-raised, strong woman of high standards. I don't think I compromised any of that by caucusing for Obama.

    Lace and garments had me thinking of Gathering of Lace but I'm not sure there is the enough of the how-to for you?

  4. Thanks for the link to Kristin Nichols link to her blog - I didn't know she had a blog.

    Very interesting to see how much money Obama is raising compared to anyone. If you don't count what she loaned to herself, Obama is raising far more than Hillary.

    I don't think this primary season is the death knell of the democratic party. Even those I talk to who don't like Hillary will still vote for her come election day if she is the candidate with the view that this country can't survive 4 more years of a republican in the white house.

    Another interesting story that is not being covered by the mainstream press in the states is that fact that Ron Paul is the only republican candidate who has increased his fundraising totals in every quarter in 2007 - and raised more than McCain this last quarter. I believe the pundits are attributing this to his anti-war stance which is drawing in moderate republicans and independents.