Saturday, February 09, 2008

I am trying to give up for Lent – far harder than doing without cider – and it leaves me with no obvious warm-up activity when I first sit down in the morning. Today I have submitted a seed order to the Real Seed people, and ordered my beautiful blue yarn for the Poet’s Coat (almost certainly, too much of it) from the Yarn Yard. I threw in a skein of “Perthshire Berries” for obvious reasons.

Seed orders require cogitation, and browsing. So there’s not much time left for blogging.

I had a lot of help on the button-problem yesterday from Helen and Anncrafts and Kathy in Juneau, and I think I grasp the requirements. Anncrafts provides a link, in yesterday’s comment, to an extremely lucid article on the subject. Somebody should tell Google about it. I got nothing comprehensible from them. She also, if you follow the link to her blog, offers a very useful-sounding recipe for a lentil chilli.

Maybe tomorrow I will have a glorious button. Kathy mildly pointed out that I’ve already got one, for LibraryThing. So I have! But I think LibraryThing did all the work on that one, perhaps supplying me with some HTML to paste in.

Knitting-wise, I am very near the neck-division of the front of Theo’s gansey (it is to have a common-or-garden shaped neck) and may even reach it this evening. A good point to stop for my day-off of scarf knitting. According to a reckoning in Natalie’s blog (at the Yarn Yard), I’ll be 70% finished when the front is done. Sounds good! I must update Ravelry.


Theresa, I think it was the Whitewater business that got me feeling the Clintons weren’t desperately well off personally, or maybe were worried about what Chelsea’s education would cost. Not a logical conclusion, and anyway it was a long time ago – any number of prosperous Rodhams could have died in the years since and left their money to Hillary, as you rightly say. And you in the US don’t pay much inheritance tax, do you? And she would have made a packet, although not perhaps five million, from that book.

Thank you for the encouragement to go ahead with my Swiss Mountain cashmere and silk order. Maybe that will be tomorrow morning’s activity, if the credit card can take any more.


  1. Between investments, book deals, and honoraria for speaking engagements, it's quite safe to assume the Clintons are very, very well off.

    I need to put together a seed order, as well, but as the planting season here is still a good three months off, I've been procrastinating.

  2. and if obama has money it is definitely not from his fraternal grandmother. i so wish he will become president. that would be a change much needed.

    oh the credit card. it seems that knitters are beavers too. i am drooling over alice starmore yarns right now. oh and eco british breeds from garthenor. and i cannot even make a proper cable that doesn't migrate a little to the left. at least not when knitting in the round even though i have used both stanley and gibson roberts advice. sooo sad.

  3. Anonymous8:48 PM

    For most of their married lives, Hillary Clinton was the primary breadwinner in that family. She clearly made plenty to invest. He's caught up since he stopped being president, but there is no reason to assume she's got less than he. All Whitewater tells me is that, like most of us, she's capable of making a really bad investment when it's a friend. Doesn't seem to follow that her investment judgement is bad on a more normal basis.

    I'm not emotionally involved here, my candidate isn't in the race any longer. But I find it beyond ludicrous that there is so much filth being thrown at the poor woman when the two of them are so alike in every single way. Above all, he's no less a part of the political establishment than she - more from where I'm standing in Virginia, where every single politico has been in his camp for ages. The guy is so far from an outsider it's laughable.