Friday, February 08, 2008

I had a nice time with Helen in John Lewis's yesterday. I didn’t much fancy the new Rowan book she had come to buy – too much Kidsilk Haze, which I have eschewed for life. Some nice KF stripes in there, admittedly. Neither of us bought any yarn! Although we were glad to note that the department seemed busy.

She was wearing the Stacked Wedges scarf from “Knitting New Scarves”, and I think that’s going to be my choice. I’ve been browsing the KNS Knitalong, however – the variety of things people choose to knit is a great tribute to the book – and am (a) tempted by the general enthusiasm for Shag and (b) tempted back towards Drifting Pleats by the happiness of the one blogger I read who had finished it. Maybe next time.

And next time is likely to be the Swiss Mountain cashmere and silk I have had my eye on for a while. I think it might lend itself well to pleat-drifting.

So that was nice. Although I'm no further forward on the question of how to add an active button to my sidebar.

Lindsay, the JL Rowan lady, lent me “Knitting America” which is extremely interesting. So far I have been mostly browsing the pictures, for it is truly lavishly illustrated, but I’m going to have to double back and pay strict attention to the text. I don’t think it’s quite as solidly scholarly as Bishop Rutt’s excellent book, but I’ll let you know. [Too many adverbs in that paragraph.]

And the news which Lindsay and Helen were talking about – and which I myself had an email about when I got home – is that Glasgow’s K1 Yarns is to open here in Edinburgh. No date yet, but the site is chosen. Back when I had the choice, I preferred our own HK Handknit. But now that that option is closed, it is great news that we are to have another specialist yarn shop here.

Since I seem to be flitting from Odds to Ends this morning: I followed Franklin’s link to Meg Swansen’s knitalongs yesterday. I tried the Conch Hat myself once – it’s tremendous fun, but mine came out sized for a premature baby, or perhaps a cat. I think maybe one would have to get the Sheepsdown yarn specified, and I’m not currently tempted, amidst my other temptations. But I’m going to sign on for the Kliban Hat, later on, even without a cat to knit for. It includes instructions for “adding color stripes in ribbing without producing a wrong side”. Wow!


Hillary says that the five million dollars she lent her campaign was all her own money, not Bill’s. So how did she come by five million dollars? If that much money sticks to subsidiary occupants of the White House, no wonder people are willing to put themselves through this ordeal to get there.

There was a depressing article in the Telegraph yesterday, rude about the whole process – “the whistling, yelling crowds….look dated, and somehow at odds with a country with as many difficulties as this one” – and about all the current participants. Most rude about Mrs Clinton, least rude about Mr. McCain.


  1. Anonymous2:27 PM

    I started to make this comment yesterday but deleted. To start with I'm not a Hillary fan nor an Obama fan either.
    All of this hoo-rah-rah about Hillary's money is just silly. The Rodham's were quite a prominent family and it's entirely possible that Hillary inherited a large amount of money. Also she was a prominent corporate lawyer in Arkansas before Bill was elected governor. The law can be a very lucrative profession I believe especially for a lawyer who had the credentials and experience of being on the committee to impeach Nixon.
    My personal opinion is that is the biggest reason Ms Clinton is so hated by the far right of the Republican party and one of the reasons they went after Bill with such a vengeance.
    Back to knitting, I acquired one skein of the Swiss Mountain Cashmere and Silk and it is absolutely gorgeous.
    Thanks for the link to the KNS Knitalong. I keep picking up the book and not buying it. Money is tight right now but may one day. In the meantime I can enjoy the designs vicariously.

  2. Anonymous4:02 PM

    I made the conch hat a few years ago following the instructions in the Opinionated Knitter. It is a spectacular, sculptural hat when made with the Sheepsdown, and I sent it on to my best friend and former college roommate who is living in Iceland. (the only person in the world that I can imagine actually needing such a heavy hat) She then sent me a picture of her wearing the hat while standing on top of the glacier in Iceland. The picture is spectacular (more for the background then my hat) and I posted it on my blog-- here's the link

  3. i knit the conch snail whatever one prefers to call it in bulky lopi and in some adriafil. it is great fun but there is an error in the recipe in the opinionated knitter. and it is great fun and has kept my nephew's girlfriend warm all winter and me for that matter. but one looks mighty tall when wearing it. not always good.
    it must look funny on a cat.

  4. I just began blogging with blogger and had the same issues with figuring out how to add a live button on my blog. I found the article at this website to be helpful (and my son's assistance).

    We used html code from another site and substituted the urls from the button and the link. Hope you can get it to work for you.

  5. I'm glad I'm not the only one who hasn't figured out how to add buttons to one's blog.

    While I'm not in Hllary's camp, it is interesting how no one ponders where the male repblican candidates came by their personal fortunes. Being a corporate lawyer is an extremely lucrative position. She was also on the board of directors for Wal-Mart - that alone should have been worth some compensation. She's had years to plan and invest for this campaign.