Monday, March 17, 2008

I will go to Fr David’s funeral today. The coffin was there at Mass yesterday. The Cardinal looked shattered. We went forward afterwards, with many others, to touch it, and came home in that state of extra-tiredness which is recognisably grief-induced.

No more J*mes on the radio. But I’m sure I heard his name as I was drifting in and out of sleep earlier this morning, I think with the news that he is on the front page of some newspaper, presumably the Times. I’ll investigate. [Later: he has a by-line on the front pages of both the Times and the Telegraph. There's glory!]

(Barbara M., thanks for your lovely comment. I so understand. When Helen and I get together, we sometimes find ourselves gossiping about the blog-writers we both read as if we actually knew the knitters involved.)

Stash Haus, I forwarded the link for the National Public Radio interview to Cathy in Beijing, just in case she didn’t have that one. Everybody, it’s worth following the link I’ve just provided to the Stash Haus blog, a) for a detailed discussion of what’s wrong with the character the Yarn Harlot calls the “Tiny Diva”; and b) for a picture of Hazel Carter herself. I suggested to Meg once that she re-publish that book in a solider format, but she said that Hazel prefers it this way.

Do you remember when Franklin offered a list of knit-related horror film titles, such as “Sorry, Wrong Dye Lot”? One of the very best was, “It Came from Lily Chin”.

Shandy, that is simply amazing news, that KF doesn’t see why anyone would knit socks. A tidbit to treasure. (Follow that link for a fuller account, with pics, of Shandy’s encounter with the great man.) I’m sure Tamar is essentially right, that sock-knitting doesn’t provide a proper canvas for the kind of thing he wants to achieve with knitting. I suppose it’s entirely possible that he’s never mastered four-needle knitting. It’s a slightly different pleasure.

But has he never worn a pair of hand-knit socks? Poor man!

I finished the pair I was working on last night, and have added them to my husband’s sock drawer which was beginning to look slightly depleted. Alexander, for whom they were originally intended, will have to wait.

I use slightly more than 100 grams for a pair of gent's socks, and have learned to buy only two balls and finish off the toes with something from the sock-odd-ball bag. In this case, you see the same colourway in stripey mode, left over from some socks I knit for Rachel when I first got hold of this yarn.

I didn’t get the next pair cast on last night, but that can be done on public transport on the way to Loch Fyne this weekend, if need be. They are to be another stripey pair in a bright colourway with lots of red in it, for Ketki. KF stripes are more fun than anything. The other mode, perhaps called “tempest”, as above, is fine, but less fun.

(You may have noticed that I have deleted two comments recently, on successive days. They were advertising – just in case you suspected salacious knitting-related items.)


  1. Jean, I have no idea on the Harlot's stance on L*ly Ch*n, but I'm sure it's the Knitting Curmudgeon who bestowed the title on her, however unwillingly it was received.

    On a more sombre note, I hope that the Requiem was fully celebrated today. Father David sounds the kind of priest of which the world needs many more, not one less.

  2. I took a class years ago from LC, and learned a few technical tricks for sure. Her designs do nothing for me, however. I think that folks who do the design/teaching/touring gig must surely burn out, hence the 15 year old sweaters. I took a Sally Melville class and felt the same way, like she was wishing she could home resting.

    I did go visit Fr. David's page, it seemed a strange thing to do, a man I don't know, but reading your comments re. blog relationships, I see why. He sounds like the kind of priest every parish should have, and a fine human being. So sorry for your loss.

  3. Anonymous1:06 PM

    Thank you for the great suggestion re: those little odd balls of sock yarn. I'm finishing up my 3rd ever pair and adding yet another little ball to the stash. Next time around I'll use it for the toes for extra flair! Was beginning to think I'd need to make a whole bunch of doll booties.
    Condolences on the passing of Fr. David.

  4. I remember when you first saw Kaffe's sock yarn, you said that you thought it would make a good child's sweater. Now, he did go on to say that he had knit a tie in his sock yarn and it had come out really well. So, it may be that he thinks that socks can't be seen, so they are less important. He has never gone in for textured stitches or cables or lace of any kind, but I'm thinking a moss stitch tie might work.

  5. Wow, Jean! Thanks for sending people my way. And here I was, feeling all sorry for myself that none of my friends (that's you, Maureen!) had left a comment. Then I read your entry and am uplifted.

    I would have paid a lot more money to attend the Knit In if Hazel had been the featured speaker!

    I'm sorry Mary Lou had that experience with Sally Melville. She spoke at a guild meeting a few years ago and was fantastic - but this was just an hour - 1 1/2 talk, not a class.

    I echo the sentiments expressed by Moorecat about Father David and I hope you receive comfort from the funeral service today.