Friday, March 07, 2008

We’re going to K*rkmichael today, hoping to catch the snowdrops at Cambo with some old friends tomorrow. Back by Thursday at the latest – earlier if the weather is as awful as forecast.


Laure, I couldn’t figure out a way to email you privately, so here is an invitation to Helen’s show for everybody:

It ends on what is, in the Western church, Easter Monday. I don’t know how the Orthodox Easter falls this year. The three lines above the word "mosaics" are the address.

Countrymouse, here’s the dinosaur sweater, from VK Holiday ’87. I did a quick Google and couldn't find it -- maybe it's not famous after all. It deserves to be.

I was in John Lewis on Wednesday, refreshing my soul by looking at yarn, and wondered a bit where one would turn these days for a good range of washable DK yarn. Everything was fancy. That issue of VK is chock full of “superwash” pure wool. Does “superwash” exist any more?

Thanks to everybody for their comforting political comments. Mel must have posted his before he went to bed the night before. It is a link to this article. Theo said some of the same things in a private email later in the day – he’s not allowed to comment publicly, now that he’s working for the Democrats, but I don’t think an aunt-ly summary of the less contentious points will hurt. He thinks the testing by fire of the candidates can only be good, and points to some interesting examples, on both sides, of failed candidates who weren’t put through enough at the primary stage. He thinks the party will rally behind the winner all right.

And Mel’s link reminds us that, if one thing is more true than another in this vale of tears, it is that there is no such thing as bad publicity.

And a knitter made a contribution to our thermometer in the sidebar. I’ve matched it. She didn’t tell me, but the Obama people outed her by sending her email address to Theo, who “owns” the thermometer.

Another cheering thing about yesterday, unrelated to comments, is that Helen and I decided to sign up for a Rowan workshop on “finishing” at John Lewis at the end of May. I have long resolved to get to grips with mattress stitch – this could be it!

See you next week.


  1. Ooh, I like that dinosaur sweater. Surprised I didn't run across it at the time as my elder boy would have been the right sort of age to wear it.
    Been pondering the JL workshop it looks interesting but would have to arrange a childminder for the day.

  2. Anonymous8:57 AM

    Thank you Jean! I know where Komninon street is so really hope to make it to Zoyia. Enjoy the countryside.

  3. Anonymous10:23 AM

    Love the dinosaur sweater - almost enough to (1) wish I had a small boy to knit for and (2)think "intarsia's not that bad..."

    Sirdar Country Style has always given me good service as a superwash yarn, although it isn't pure wool.

    Mattress stitch for stocking stitch (the only time I use it)is far less challenging than grafting. I'm beginning to side with the likes of Jean Moss in preferring backstitched seams, though.


  4. Anonymous10:54 AM

    You can take heart that Texas will really go to Obama after the caucuses are counted. If Hillary tries to sue about the caucus process, as she has proposed, it will only look desperate for her. Already, she is claiming "stunning victories" where she really has stunning drops in her leads in both Texas and Ohio. I suppose she is trying to spin it the best she can.

    You've got me investigating turkish style slippers, and I also intrigued by the dinosaurs. Enjoy your working holiday.

  5. Anonymous2:47 PM

    I've had good luck with Cleakheaton DK superwash. It has a huge color range.
    I used it to make the Pondemonium sweaters.
    As to politics I think you can quit worrying about Mr Obama it looks as though he will get the nomination.
    I just wish that I didn't have such reservations. I will not vote for McCain but I don't think I can vote for Obama or Clinton either.

  6. That dino-sweater is WAY cooler than I was imagining. I'm sorry to say, Jean, I thought it was one of those sweaters with the spines and head that "pop out" of the sweater. I should have had more faith in you!

  7. Anonymous4:26 PM

    Zara from Filatura di Crosa is superwash merino DK. Distributed in the US by Tahki/Stacy Charles, but I don't know if it's available in the UK. See for more info.
    /s/ Gretchen

  8. Anonymous12:10 AM

    A nice superwash yarn that is very nice to knit with indeed, reasonable price and easy to wash is Emu Superwash DK 100%wool, google can find it in a variety of places but this has a good range of colours
    The other that comes to mind is Patons Diploma Gold. It is a good, easy washable and pleasant to knit with yarn in a good range of colours at reasonable price but only 55%wool. MCA stock it on their web site.
    Love the dinosaurs. Judith

  9. There is tons of superwash wool out there. Go to WEBS website - and search for superwash wool. They've got Cascade 220, Reynolds, Queensland, Mission Falls, Brown Sheep, Dale of Norway and more. At least with the devaluation of the dollar - you're getting the better end of the deal when ordering/shipping from the states.

    I love the dinosaur sweater.

    Have fun in the country - hope you have a safe trip there and back!

  10. Don't forget that I'm happy to be your postal delivery enabler if you want any cleckheaton, patons etc from Oz.

    How many more primaries to go?

    Good luck with the vegie plot. I was looking at the real estate section in today's paper and envying home owners' ability to break sod. Renting can be very inhibiting sometimes : (

  11. Anonymous10:52 AM

    I hope you enjoyed the snowdrops, Jean. (I've never been to Cambo). The few patches that I pass on my daily cycle to work are all gone, but there are plenty of daffodils to make up for them.

    That dinosaur jumper looks like a games winner to me!

    All the best,