Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday morning.

There will be little to report on the knitting front, while this sock thing lasts. I am approaching the second heel of Ketki’s KF socks. Cathy in Beijing has been added to the list, which now numbers 10. The Fishwife asks mischievously whether if I knit each of them seven pairs, it would use up my sock-yarn stash. I wonder. Maybe I’ll count.

The gansey has been blocked. I fear it’s slightly too large – whose fault is that? – and comfort myself with the thought that that’s a good deal better than being slightly too small. Specifically, it’s a couple of inches longer than the target length. Blocking modified things a bit.


I’ve added the website for Helen’s mosaics to the list over there on the right. She says it’s not finished yet.

I’ve booked myself in to have lunch with a friend and neighbour in Kirkmichael tomorrow, on a bring-my-own-sandwich basis. It’ll save opening and closing the house, restoring and draining the water, for so few hours. I am aching to get started on the garden, but Duncan’s is not a funeral to turn up at with dirty fingernails, and afterwards I will be wearied by emotion and facing the drive home.

James rang up from Beijing the other day and I heard my husband say to him, of Duncan, that he was a true Christian soldier. My husband does not, as a general rule, go in for that sort of language.


  1. Gansey looks great - definitely better too big than too small. Looking out for photos of it bing worn now.

  2. Anonymous11:32 AM

    Mrs Miles - this is really a comment on your yesterday's post - I don't know if you are aware of it, but another Ravelry member is also knitting your beautiful Holy Communion Veil. You can see her WIP here:

    I am keeping an eye on her progress as I want to knit something similar for my daughter, Grace - she is only 5 at the moment , but I like to mull over these things slowly.
    Thanks for the inspiration ( and the blog - I enjoy it very much.

  3. Anonymous12:57 PM

    Well, mogs, I just finished an aran (na craga) for Himself, and when he wore it to walk the dogs, it came home 4 or 5 inches longer than when he left... I fear he's past the age (and shape) for belting it stylishly! So some things CAN be too big.
    (However, it's amazing what a short time in the tumble drier can do for cashmere--I have retrieved some stretched ones very nicely that way.)

  4. Anonymous2:04 PM

    Congratulations on finishing the gansey. It looks beautiful. I admire your skill.
    Ron in Mexico

  5. number 10 .... as in 10 pairs of socks to knit in the future? Yikes.

    Gansey will be ok -- always room for "growing" (hah!) rather than too small.

  6. Anonymous2:58 PM

    The gansey looks great; echoing others, better too big. Safe travels tomorrow.

    Barbara in CA

  7. Aunt Jean - it looks absolutely beautiful. I can't wait to show it to Barack.

  8. Dear Theo, I hope you send Aunt Jean photographic evidence (to share with all of us) of Barack's reaction to the sweater.

    Safe travels tomorrow, Jean. I hope you share more about Duncan with us - must have been an extraordinary man.

  9. Anonymous4:30 AM

    Oh, Jean..... when you suggested the dream in Color Tulip cardigan for my new granddaughter, you got me in such trouble! I just went to the closest shop that stocks the yarn, and they had no kits available. They did, however, have most of the colors of that gorgeous yarn! I ended up buying 7 skeins, which will make about 6 of these sweaters since you neeed so little of each color. I will need to have lots more granddaughters to justify this purchase!

    Thanks for the suggestion.... the pattern is sweet, and the yarn is glorious!

    Barbara M.

  10. Anonymous1:08 PM

    wow, it's great to see the finished gansey. i've thoroughly enjoyed it's progress. it looks marvellous. enjoy your socks!

  11. The gansey looks splendid! I'm looking forward to Theo modeling it beside Obama.

    I'm glad your husband is over his crud. I for one love Campbell's chicken noodle for when I'm poorly despite all the salt in it.

  12. Anonymous3:31 PM

    Hi! The gansey is nice! Is the first time I visit your blog and I think you have a great knitting skill.