Monday, March 03, 2008

The weekend newspapers we read were full of Senator Obama’s glories and of threnodies for Senator Clinton’s career as a presidential candidate, much as they were in the few happy days between Iowa and New Hampshire. The British press love Obama, as they did Adlai Stevenson in ’52, and much good it did him.

The pundits, including her husband, mostly seem to think that Mrs Clinton has to win both Ohio and Texas in order to go on. I disagree, for what it’s worth – she’s already won a lot of major states, and she’s way ahead in the polls in PA. I think a win for her in either Texas or Ohio will be enough to prolong the agony.

But that’s tomorrow. Today’s excitement is that a hand-picked team of key Edinburgh knitting bloggers – me and Helen and the Fishwife – are going to check out the new LYS, K1 Yarns, in the Grassmarket.

So I’d probably better be brief here, and get on with the morning.

I finished the first sleeve of Theo’s gansey last night, and flunked the sewn cast-off. I got as far as Step Four: “With the yarn needle, slip the first knit stitch knitwise. Insert the yarn needle purlwise into the next knit stitch. Drop the first purl stitch from the left needle. Pull the yarn through.” I did an ordinary cast-off and am now carefully picking up stitches for the second sleeve.

I found this time-waster on Mel’s blog this morning. He can take on 29.



  1. Apparently I could take on five kids in a fight.

    Thing is though, I wouldn't have to. I'm a mother. I've got The Voice.

  2. Apparently I could take on 6. Shurely shome mistake.

  3. Anonymous11:26 AM

    dag. i got 15, and i even said i wouldn't use any of them as weapons. i think having to fight off three brothers helped.

  4. the american press has sure beat up on Clinton and all but anoited Obama. I would be intrested to see what you think about that. I am pretty sure she won't win but I think it will be Bills fault if she loses

  5. Anonymous1:51 PM

    I have been in Washington DC for work for several days and it is always interesting to hear the chatter in the beltway. What they see as really going on and what the impacts may or may not be area reminder of how rarified the air is down here, and how it is so easy to get out of touch with a world that sees politics in a way that makes my cynical side sigh and feel a bit more cynical. I told people my tales of caucusing in the heartland and who showed up, and I included in my tales a sweater being worked on in Edinburgh...

  6. Well not sure what happened, but that last ramble was me, not anon.

  7. Anonymous2:01 PM

    The press has been beating up on Clinton pretty hard, and I think you are right- I think if she wins in just one of the two states, she will continue on.

    I think the decreases on the sleeve look just fine and I am off to get the "Knitting Ganseys" book... I love reading books that are all about knitting construction, even if I never actually make something out of them (although I have been wanting a gansey for a while.)

  8. In the latest Newsweek, Jonathan Alter had an opinion piece about why Hillary should gracefully exit the race before tomorrow - and reasons why she won't and why it will be the end of her political career. I didn't agree with all he said, but it was an interesting read.

    Looking forward to reading your take on the new shop in town and whether it's different from the shop in Glasgow.

  9. Hey, Jean, I suddenly find myself half way through completing a qestionnaire about beating five-year olds? What am I thinking?

    Thanks for flagging up my blog: I've got some comments from interesting folks now.

  10. Jean, your description of your sewn bind-off seemed very different from the one I use. I go in the first 2 stitches as if to purl then back thru the first stitch as if to knit and drop it off then back thru the next 2 stitches as if to purl, back thru the first stitch on the needle as if to knit and drop it off, repeat til finished. Your's seemed much more involved.

  11. Anonymous9:33 PM

    Nineteen, but I'm in a mean mood today (car trouble).

    That bind-off sounded as though there was a typo somewhere.

  12. Hah! 14 kids, Mwah, ha, ha. I think this comes of being the youngest of 5 and having had no problems with the various dirty tricks a little kid has to do to win a fight!

    Lots of speculation on the radio here about the probability of the Clinton's team having dispersed the Obama in Kenyan dress photo.