Monday, April 06, 2009

Brief, today, as I am about to start my mercy-dash north with the nematodes.

One big plus is that I can stop at the garden centre on my way in to Blairgowrie. I read vegetable-gardening books and magazines obsessively, learning little, as there is not much to be said about 12 vegetables – all the climate allows me. But recently I read something so stunningly obvious that I will put it into practice this very day: if you have to carry water any distance to your vegetables, as I do, it is a good idea to have two watering cans, one for each hand.

Nematodes are watered in, and if the ground is at all dry, they must be preceded (or is it, followed?) with more water. Lots of can-carrying.

I can also get some fish-and-bone-and-blood meal for organic fertilising, some Growmore for general use, and – because my husband won’t be there to forbid it – some compost to start my seeds in. They like it: my husband doesn’t believe they should be coddled.

Alexander is weeks ahead of me with his vegetable-sowing. (But on the other hand, Strathardle is not on the west coast: single-figure April is distinctly early for us.) One of my four varieties of potatoes has got vigorous sprouts. I will plant them today, if the state of the soil allows. At least it’ll reduce the panic-stricken pressure of the main planting-and-sowing season. The other three varieties are coming along nicely, but clearly prefer the comfort of the dining-room window sill to life in the wild.

And I might essay a short row of broad beans. They’re tough.

And I mustn’t forget, when I get back, that the two VKB’s I’m interested in close this evening. A Vogue “Hand Knits for Service Men”, which I eschewed, went for £2.22 yesterday. I hope tonight’s bidding strikes a similar note. There’s no excitement yet, certainly.

Anyway, here’s “AMDG” towards the top of my Princess. (Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam – for the greater glory of God) I’m now in row 5 of the final repeat, and you can see the wee holes with which I have established the next line up: “2009”. The way vertical lines in the lace pattern continue up the faggoting which borders the box is sheer good fortune. All I did was centre the box.


  1. rosesmama11:52 AM

    The lettering looks beautiful. Some time ago, in a fit of ambition, I ordered the Piecework that has the alphabet, and I have a good sized hank of laceweight. I'm just stalled at *what* to try. Perhaps some small practice pieces would settle my indecision. Watching your princess progress is certainly inspiration.

  2. The Princess looks lovely with the lettering.

  3. LOVELY!

    Safe journey there and back home - hope you accomplish all you'd like to.

  4. AMDG - we had to write that in the top right hand corner of all our schoolwork. Interestingly, (and quite sadly I guess), in my Australian catholic school we were told it meant All My Deeds to God. Perhaps it was for the sake of keeping it simple for small children, I can't imagine the nuns didn't know?

    I have been watching your Princess's journey for such a long time, the combination of patience and anticipation has been great for me. I can only imagine how the same journey has been for you.

    I do love your blog.