Friday, April 03, 2009


The news continues to improve. Yesterday I had an email from KLM, responding to the one I sent them with the link to an article in the Hartford Courant about how Northwestern/Delta won’t be flying the Amsterdam-Hartford route this year. (This is preposterous: they’re a major international airline, I am Mrs Miles of Drummond Place.) But the important thing is that the email says, as I was told on the telephone, that I can cancel.

It has to be done through the travel agent that booked the flight in the first place, so today I’ll phone Adrian at Trailfinders and put him to work. While he’s at it, he can book me and Lizzie onto the Continental flight from Edinburgh to Newark which Greek Helen is already on. Amtrak stops at Newark airport. We’ll proceed by train to New Haven – or Old Saybrook, if we’re lucky. I shall snooze. Lizzie can have her first look at the USofA. (Greek Helen has been there quite a bit, and longs to see the Manhattan skyline again.)

Today’s fun, if I had nothing else to do, would be the annual general meeting of shareholders in the Royal Bank of Scotland. It’ll be a riot – literally. But we’re hoping to go to Strathardle on Sunday, old friends from Birmingham are coming to lunch next Thursday, we’re going to Alexander and Ketki at Loch Fyne for Easter – it’s all go around here – so I can more usefully employ myself cleaning the dining room and catching up on the laundry.


I’m past the middle of row 41 of the 13th repeat of the Princess centre, and the lettering is beginning to look plausible. So exciting. My husband is pressing hard for new socks, at least bedsocks. I desperately want to carry on with the Princess until I reach the end -- maybe I can calm him by starting some bedsocks over Easter (instead of proceeding with the Adult Surprise). I could even knit bedsocks in Strathardle (instead of the Araucania sweater, my current Perthshire project).

When I got the Cherry Tree Hill merino-and-possum yarn, colorway “Spring Frost”, out to photograph…

…I noticed for the first time that it is hand-wash-lay-flat-to-dry. (But isn't it nice?) That’s the sort of thing that happens when you buy yarn on impulse because you like the name of the colorway. So maybe it could become bedsocks (which don’t get washed so often)? I can try out some of the many helpful sizing ideas you kind people have suggested.

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  1. Be careful at the AGM! I have so enjoyed reading your blog. I could always count on a new entry in the middle of the night when I couldn't sleep as I am in Ottawa, Canada. You have been an inspiration, Jean! Thank you.