Friday, April 10, 2009

I had trouble with the computer this morning. I clicked on a map program yesterday, from the website of Glasgow’s RC cathedral -- I was trying to figure out how to get there -- and it seized control, supplanting Google. I think it is forceful rather than sinister, and I think I’ve got things back under control, but it has taken valuable time on a busy morning.

So I will be brief – because we must be on our way to Glasgow and its cathedral for the Good Friday liturgy. There we will meet Rachel and her family, who will have driven up the face of England, and Alexander and his, who will have come down from Argyll. Devotions complete, we will all go to Loch Fyne for a happy weekend. I should be back here on Tuesday.


I hoped someone else would do the sums for me, but no one did, so I have tried to compare Heirloom Knitting’s Gossamer Merino to Habu A-32. What I think I find is that 20 grams of the Habu would be about 240 meters, well less than the 480 meters of a similar weight of Gossamer Merino. (I wouldn’t mind if someone else would have a bash at this – the raw data are in yesterday’s entry.) Is it suspicious or not that 240 is half of 480?

If that’s right, the Habu is out as a candidate for superfine lace. And that is a relief, because I share your suspicions of mohair, Beverly. The soft colours are very attractive, however.

I have wound the first skein of Cherry Tree Hill’s merino-and-possum sock yarn in the colourway “Spring Frost” and will cast on some bed socks when we are safely in the train.

And as for the Princess, I am more than halfway along row 16 of the final repeat. Another good session will enable me to show you “2009” complete.


We had a nice time with our Birmingham friends yesterday, but they brought us much news of cancers and strokes affecting themselves and mutual friends down south. It has left me with a lively sense – if that is not too much of an oxymoron – of the unpleasantness to come, and the suddenness with which it may announce itself. Appropriate to the season, but disheartening none the less.


  1. Sarah JS2:44 PM

    Dear Jean,
    I've been reading & enjoying your blog for many months.

    As a minute repayment of the enjoyment you've given me, I ran the numbers on the two yarns and also found 240 meters to 20 grams for the Habu A-32.

    Safe travel to you & yours.

  2. =Tamar3:39 PM

    According to what I read, every ten years there's a major chance of an asteroid hitting the earth, or maybe it was a comet. There's a moderate chance every year. One can only live and appreciate one's life. Congratulations on completing 2009 eight months ahead of the rest of us ;-) and may you enjoy safe and pleasant travel.

  3. Safe travels to you and a joyous Easter with your family.