Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Natale con I suoi, Pasqua con qui voi, they say in Italian, according to Rachel, who spent the year between school and university au-pair’ing in Turin. Christmas with the family, Easter with whoever you like. How fortunate am I that these two groups coincide.

(Knitabulous, I think “All My Deeds for God” is a simply brilliant translation-interpretation of “AMDG”. All the sense is there, and the letters fit. Full marks to the nuns.)

We had a grand time. Alexander has had twelve raised beds made – with gravel paths in between – for his vegetables. I felt the faintest twinge of jealousy. Also, Alexander, who doesn’t own a jacket, let alone a suit (he works from home doing mysterious things with a computer) – Alexander had gone to the only bespoke tailor surviving in Glasgow to have a suit made for Theo’s wedding.

Hozzat? As we say on the cricket field.


I’ve started row 18 of the Princess centre. The working of “2009” is finished but it’ll look better with the ensuing garter stitch rows done so I’ll postpone the photograph until tomorrow.

Likewise, of the bed sock, no photograph here because it is being worn right now. I cast it on on the train to Glasgow on Friday; finished it and cast on one for the other foot on the bus from Cairndow (in Argyll) to Glasgow yesterday. The wool-and-possum yarn is gloriously soft. It will be interesting to see how it wears. Bed socks seem to take as much punishment as any other sock, although they are never in a shoe.

I incorporated several of your helpful suggestions, fit-wise. I cast on 72 stitches, instead of my usual 64. (I kept with no. 1 needles, though.) I used double yarn to cast on with. I lengthened the heel flap a bit. Most interestingly, I used Ted’s idea (I think it was Ted) of knitting the gusset upside down. Assuming I understood the idea correctly.

That is, the decreases are at the bottom of the heel flap, between the flap and the sole, instead of, as usual, at the top, between the flap and the instep. And the sock slid on easily last night. It will be examined and discussed with more attention today.

The foot, on 72 stitches, looks too big. I suppose one could decrease on down to 64 if one wanted to. My husband’s ankle is of larger circumference than his foot, these days.

I may try to summon up the time and energy to collect everybody’s ideas about comfortable socks for diabetics and put them somewhere where they can be readily accessed instead of just slipping further and further behind among Comments, as at present.

I will take it along for Strathardle knitting next time – and I hope that will be soon, as the big vegetable-sowing season is about to start. Has started, in more salubrious climes. The sock won't progress as fast there as it did being peacefully knit during a weekend when I was relieved of responsibility, but there should be some progress.

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