Monday, March 22, 2010

A good day; the Mystery Project progresses nicely, a bit was added to the socks.

I heard from Joannie Newsome this morning – she has put her jabot pattern on Ravelry as a free download, as she said she would. I have downloaded and printed it. And written to express my gratitude.

Catdownunder, your friend’s idea is so brilliant and simple and obvious that I am going to have to try it out – namely, cotton. The prototype Princess, Sharon Miller’s original, was knit in cotton, before she had found the Gossamer Merino and Cashsilk she now sells. When I was starting out on that project, I ordered a ball of the cotton she used. I think what happened was what happened to Franklin.

Somewhere in stash lurks my ball of DMC crochet cotton. And even if I can’t find it, I can quite likely lay my hands on a sample sent by Sharon with a pattern, as Franklin says. Enough to see if I can hack it, anyway. I haven’t got much hope, but it’s worth a shot. I certainly won’t proceed if the result is agonizing to execute, even if it looks good.

Speaking of Franklin,

a) don’t miss his latest post – as if you would;
b) his role as a teacher at the Stirling KnitCamp in August reminds me to worry: what’s happening there?

I am concerned at the way one doesn’t hear anything about it. Something called Knit Nation is happening in London July 29-31. They have a full-page ad in Knitting magazine (British) and another in IK itself.

The website, which seems to be in a state of flux, says that b&b accommodation has sold out. That sounds good. It says they aren’t going to send anything to anyone in the post, a bit chilling when one has spent so much money, and that one should print out and bring one’s order confirmation. I don’t think I’ve had anything that I could print out and bring – a receipt for the payment, at best. I’d like directions on how to get there.

I read the blogs of four of the teachers very conscientiously, Franklin, Donna Druchunas, Jared, and Annie Modesitt. Only Annie ever mentions it at all – she says that classes are filling up fast, which can’t be entirely true since registration has been open since January. As far as I can see from the website, there’s still room in Franklin’s photography class. That is surely ominous, after all this time.

Is it going to happen? The list of teachers out-dazzles a Knitter’s Stitches. Why all this silence?

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  1. Jean - thanks for the heads-up re Franklin. I do read his blog but only occasionally so I might have missed the Seattle visit information.