Saturday, March 06, 2010

Many thanks to my rescuers! I am Tayside00 on Yahoo, as on eBay and LibraryThing. I didn’t even try that yesterday morning – the prompt suggested that the answer would be a yahoo email address, and anyway I thought I coined “Tayside00” later in life, for eBay.

But it was for Yahoo, of course. (Strathardle00 was taken, I remember. I wouldn’t entirely mind being Strathardle05 except that I didn’t want to stand in line behind one or two people I could think of – passions burn bright in the country.)

Well, the Grandson Sweater is finished except for:
a) casting off;
b) tidying up;
c) knitting and attaching facings for the neck steek; and
d) blocking.

The plan is to forge ahead, right through ear-flap-hat-Sunday if need be, and get the job done. Then a single day will probably be enough for the hat, which lacks only hemming, braids and bobbles. (Ugh) Then I’m free, free, free!

A funny thing happened this week.

A while ago, not long, I ordered a book from the Schoolhouse Press website called Knitting in Art. On Thursday the package arrived – with “Knitting Art: 150 Innovative Works from 18 Contemporary Artists”. You can imagine the contents, and you will be right.

I was disappointed, and concluded that I had to be more careful, and read descriptions more thoroughly, even when shopping at the Schoolhouse. But yesterday morning, synapses improved as ever by a night’s sleep, I remembered the picture of the book I actually ordered. I checked the website. The email order confirmation, and the invoice enclosed with the package, both say “Knitting in Art”.

It is easy to see how confusion might arise. I was puzzled for awhile because Schoolhouse doesn’t sell “Knitting Art” (and quite right too). Then, as they say, the penny dropped – the wholesaler sent them the wrong book, and Meg wasn’t around when the box was unpacked. She can’t be everywhere. Can I be the first customer to receive the wrong one? It’s new to their list, and on the expensive side.

I emailed them at once, nearly 24 hours ago, and have had no reply. That is odd. Is March 5 a public holiday in Wisconsin?

While on the subject of My Wrongs, a man has come and read the faulty electricity metre. He didn’t seem quite as appreciative as the woman on the telephone of the fact that the figure was absurd, but he did say that there is a thing called a “check metre” which can be installed alongside a questionable one in such cases. It will take about a week for his reading to get into the system – why? – and then I will swing into action.


  1. Anonymous6:09 PM

    Now I want that book-- the one you ordered, not the one that arrived. I'll wait until you say that Schoolhouse Press has resolved the confusion, however.
    -- Gretchen

  2. Anonymous3:18 AM

    Jean, have you seen the Lizard Ridge afghan pattern on Knitty? it is done with short rows and makes an excellent wavy pattern. Used with Noro Kureyon to great effect.

  3. I looked at both books on Schoolhouse Press and I think they both look good, but I agree about wanting to get the book you actually ordered.