Friday, March 26, 2010


Real progress. It looks rather small, but edging added to the fourth side will widen it, and blocking will make a difference. Once it’s been blocked out and gathered in, I’ll know whether I’ve got another test square or an actual tier. I am very hopeful. At the worst – if it proves to be a test square – it should provide all the data I need to proceed. It seems to me to strike just the right note, fruitiness-wise.


Dawn, I’m sure you’re right that when the pattern says “length”, it is referring to the length from cuff to cuff. Once I had grasped that, I thought that Tamar’s previous comment – that there was no increasing to be done for the body part – was certainly right. Her comment yesterday, which came in after I had thought that thought, underlines the point.

I agree that a steek should actually be cast on. It would continue, wouldn’t it? the false underarm seam of the sleeve?

If you’re really thinking of knitting one, Tamar, get hold of the book (Sundbo’s “Knitting in Art”) and look at the picture. It’s a full page, near the end. You don’t need to buy the book, because you’ve already got the pattern except for a little chart showing decreasing into the cuff. I’m sure you could wing it, for that.

I’ll have to leave it on the HALFPINT list until my year’s yarn fast is over in November – despite re-setting the slider, I regard it as still in progress. And what I lack, in all that stash, is solid colours (or near-solid; that’s what I really love) in sufficient quantity to knit anything.

Koigu jacket

The Socklady came up with a gem of a pattern for me yesterday – her most recent blog entry says that she was looking for one for herself. It’s another sideways cardigan (Ravelry link), this one incorporating the very short-row wedges to add swing which I had been thinking of trying to introduce into the Kaleidoscope cardigan. (another Ravelry link).

I’ve bought it and printed it. Once jabot-making is out of the way, I think I’m ready to roll.

Non-knit: the Budget

Two things.

It is traditional for the Chancellor of the Exchequer, on Budget Day, to carry a battered old red dispatch box which used, I believe, to belong to Mr Gladstone. When our current Prime Minister occupied that office, he had a horrible new box made for himself – no doubt, at considerable expense to the taxpayer, and no doubt part of the New Labour programme to sweep away fuddy-duddy-ism. The current incumbent, I am glad to note, has reverted to the old one. We are lucky Brown didn’t put it out with the rubbish.

There is to be a heavy new tax on cider, which the Chancellor has probably never tasted in his life. I am sure he thinks all cider-drinkers are low-life, as many of us indeed are. There’s something called “White Heat” much favoured by the derelict. But there are also serious cider-makers – mostly in Herefordshire -- like my friend Mr Weston, not part of any huge consortium, and I fear for their future. This is a picture of one of the bottles I hope to consume on Easter Sunday.


  1. The jabot looks very promising...sorry the cotton did not work out!

  2. =Tamar9:12 AM

    The jabot looks sufficiently fruity, though I'm curious as to why you seem to be putting an edging all around.

    I wasn't thinking of the shrug as having a false underarm seam, though there's no reason it couldn't. I imagined the steel would be cast on between two sleeve stitches, like one of EZ's "pouch" steeks. After the steek is cut and turned in as a facing, the edges of the opening could theoretically be put together to make a tube again. Or so I thought.

  3. When I was listening to the budget this year, I was interested for the first time in corporation tax and VAT as my husband and I set up our own business last year and now have such things to consider.
    But when Darling started focussing in on the Cider Tax the first thing that crossed my mind was 'Wonder what Jean will have to say about that?' and I was expecting your comments yesterday, so was satisfied to find them today!
    I know what you mean about the cheap cider - it was 'Diamond White' that was popular in my youth. Vile.

  4. Dawn in NL4:28 PM


    While looking at the current swatch / tier I suddenly thought that you could knit the gathering by decreasing drastically when picking up for the edging. Only for the top tier would you need to see an actual lace edging along the top edge.

    Will you consider matching lacy cuffs for James'wrists too?