Friday, March 05, 2010

I might even finish knitting the Grandson today.

The neck is awkward, because of spinning all that bulk around on one’s lap with two balls of yarn attached. I have switched from a short circ to a set of my new KnitPic needles -- they come in sets of six, and it’s working well, stitches showing no tendency to escape.

I looked up the Portom Sweater on Ravelry yesterday. Two people have knit it. One of them undoubtedly lowered the neckline, although she doesn’t say anything about it in her note.

I’ve also turned the heel of the new KF sock, which remains irresistible.

Kitchener Stitch

Many thanks, Tamar. I think that nails it. Now all we need is an early example of “Kitchener stitch” itself. My guess, as I’ve said, is that we might find it in the 1940’s. Maybe we don’t need that.

I tried to log on to Yahoo just now, to peruse the correspondence you mention from HistoricKnit (of which I am a member) in January,’09, and find that I have forgotten how to do it. I remember my password (I think), but not my identity. Their help screens don’t help. What on earth do to? Sign up as someone else, I suppose. In my Knitlist list-mom days I used to log on daily, and I still do – did – from time to time. But not today.

I find myself wordless and twitchy this morning.


  1. Anonymous1:41 PM

    How about this for your Koigu?

  2. Anonymous2:46 PM

    I remember seeing Elizabeth Zimmermann in a video knitting the collar of a sweater. She had stuffed the whole sweater in a plastic bag with only the neck exposed and it seemed like such a simple solution. I have used it several times and the plastic sort of lets the bag spin in your lap easily. You still have to move it but it is so much easier without the arms and the bulk.
    Ron in Mexico

  3. =Tamar5:40 PM

    I just looked on HistoricKnit and your email there was a Googlemail address. HTH, I know about forgetting sign-ins, I've done it a lot. The retrieval systems usually don't work for me either.