Monday, July 12, 2010

Everything seems all right this morning, connectivity-wise, but failure lately has been sudden and unprovoked, as if the machine knows that James is gone and I’m on my own. I must get back to the prob of switching ISP’s, rather neglected in recent days.

Strathardle was wet and midge-y but we had a grand time. No knitting to speak of. Cathy and Alistair and I went to see “Noises Off” at the Pitlochry Theatre.

James and Alistair went camping. I drove them up Glen Fernate along an interesting single-track road and then they skirted the south edge of Ben-y-gloe, if I’ve got it right, and walked down Glen Tilt,

to Blair Atholl, where we picked them up the next day at the Atholl Arms Hotel.

Now they’re in Cornwall, celebrating Cathy’s parents’ Golden Wedding.

Vegetables (and weeds) progress. I am becoming obsessed by the concept of bunching onions, and increasingly hopeful for my own. My vegetable-growing books aren’t terribly much help, being much more interested in the growing of onion-onions. Googling seems to suggest that we are talking about alium fistulosum, of which there are many cultivars. Not all equally hardy, perhaps.

There seems to be a nice range of interesting oriental ones. I might have a go at some of them next year, and also try the red variety of the Siberian (or Welsh) Bunching Onion, said to be the hardiest of all.

Siberian or Welsh:

Italian (cipolotto da mazzo):

For the Fishwife, these things grow like weeds – literally. They seed themselves pleasantly in odd corners of her garden. (Towards the end of her July 4 post.)

As for the rest, the mange-tout peas and the Colossal Climbing Victorian ones are coming into flower. In the background, on the dyke, you can see one of Helen's mosaics. The design is, essentially, the same as Green Granite Blocks, except that the blocks are facing the other way.

Beans are cheerful but, except for the broad beans, not making much progress.

The nematodes have expired and the slugs are back at work on the second sowings, especially the lettuce. The red currant bush, carefully netted, promises a summer-pudding's-worth of harvest again this year. (My husband insists, contrary to all authority, that summer pudding be made entirely of red currants.)

No knitting in Strathardle, but I have happily resumed the Green Granite Blocks. I should finish the 5th rank today, and accomplish some or maybe all of the setting-of-colours for the sixth. And the sixth rank is the one that doesn’t get finished, because one reaches the shoulder seam first.


  1. Welcome back! Glad to see the vegetables are doing so well this year.
    I am looking forward to the next photo of the Green Granite Blocks sweater.
    Lisa in Toronto

  2. Welcome back - I am trying to remove most of those 'walking onions' from my garden in favor of some more edible versions. I have seen Noises Off a few times and enjoyed it.

  3. Hello from northern NY State. My husband and I made our first summer pudding yesterday after a trip to our farmers market. Ours is a mixed berry pudding with blueberries, black berries, raspberries and the last of the summer strawberries. We are looking forward to tonight's desert of it. I would love to hear how you make it.