Thursday, July 22, 2010

Today’s event is – Helen.

Lisa, I did write to Franklin on Tuesday when I heard the news. We have corresponded in the past – I provided him with one of the Latin words on the shawl he knit for his niece, and a bootlegged copy, I am afraid, of the Bridget Rorem lace alphabet, now available from the Schoolhouse Press. But no reply this time.

I think I may attempt a message today to the Delores Devotees group on Ravelry, along the lines suggested in your comments. It’s no use writing to the Knit Camp group which is heavily monitored and devoted to messages about KALs and protection against midges. The news of Franklin’s non-appearance was posted there by the organiser, an hour or two before she sent the emails to the paying customers. It has apparently attracted no comment at all.


My new email address (drump at btinternet dot com) has suddenly sprung to life. I’ve ensconced it in Outlook Express. Now I must go through the Outlook Express address book and see if there’s anyone who needs to know about the change. For the time being, it simply relieves me of vast quantities of advertising, the result of all my on-line Christmas shopping in years past.

So the one remaining thing to test, is adding additional computers to the system. That will have to wait until someone comes to visit with a laptop.

Yesterday’s young woman was very pleasant. She did stay to lunch, and for much of the afternoon. She is working on a kind of archive of the reminiscences of elderly art historians. It will be deposited somewhere.

I signed up for Facebook the other day, for an entirely unworthy reason. I had heard that a young woman with whom I am not acquainted often wrote about her mother, whom I know. I wondered if her posts were public. They’re not, and I am ashamed of myself and certainly don’t intend to startle the young woman by proposing myself as her friend.

But the Facebook experience is extraordinary. As soon as I had identified myself, I found a cheerful group of six or eight dear people, wanting to be my friend. A bit like dying, I imagine, and being welcomed by familiar faces on the farther shore.


I have successfully established the second rank of Green Granite Blocks for the right front.

Once I had done that, I thought I might as well finish off those blasted socks. I took unusual care to make sure I was operating on the correct, too-long, sock, and then cut off the toe and took it back. For the successful sock, I started the toe shaping as soon as the Oliver shaping was finished, with four stitches remaining between the decreases. That meant that I was able to recover the stitches for this sock at precisely the same point.

I’ll finish it off this evening, if the excitement of the day’s event allows. And THAT means I can select a KF colourway from stash for the next pair!


  1. Tricia11:22 AM

    Jean, it's not that there were no comments on Franklin's cancellation, just that the thread was locked immediately after the first post, so that people couldn't leave comments. I'm afraid that the UK Ravelry Week 2010 forum is heavily moderated and any negative comment is deleted or the thread locked. Interestingly, the organiser has even tried to control the independent UK Ravelry Week 2010 Social Group, which has a thread called "Disappointed" which might be a better home for your comment than the Dolores Devotees group.

    I live in London, so I am going to Knit Nation rather than UK Ravelry Week, but I wish it well. Sadly though, at the moment it looks like a slow-motion car crash.

  2. I haven't asked Franklin myself what went down, but I will just say that he has short term memory issues, courtesy of "Mr. Ex", and doesn't always remember that he hasn't responded to your e-mail. Knowing what an Anglophile he is, I can't imagine he'd just back out of such an opportunity unless there'd been a fairly egregious "miscommunication".

  3. Welcome to Facebook. Don't play with the applications -- they're a real time suck. If someone sends you requests for items from FarmVille, Mafia Wars, or CastleAge, just hit ignore.