Saturday, July 31, 2010

I think I’m making progress on the MP3 front. I want to grab some Italian radio programs. Fortunately “podcast” in Italian seems to be “podcast”. I tried the BBC site, to see if they might be better at providing comprehensible instructions as to how to proceed. It was suggested there that right-clicking might come into it. I still haven’t managed it. I thought I had, at one point, but then couldn’t find the file anywhere on my computer. I wonder what “download” is in Italian.

FiberQat and AnnP, I think you’re right that it’s going to be a simple drag-and-drop operation once I’ve got hold of the files.

Real life is gradually resuming. Yesterday I spent with Fergus while his parents and brother Archie went to Giffnock (where that?) to see an Asperger’s specialist because Archie is said to have a mild form of that condition. I don’t like labels. They came back very pleased with the experience, however.

Fergus and I took a bus to the Camera Obscura, which I think he enjoyed, and walked home. I’m tired, still. Yesterday evening I could do no more than continue sock-knitting, but I hope to get back to Green Granite Blocks today.

It occurred to me that my blog entry for yesterday would at least show up early if anyone google’d on “Wineapple Dickinson” – but it doesn’t.


The Ravelry team have now pulled out of Knit Camp, so the final Saturday can no longer properly be described as a “Ravelry Day” although in all other respects it should be unaffected. To lose Franklin and Ravelry within a week, however, looks, in Lady Bracknell’s phrase, like carelessness.

The difficulty in that case, and I think in several others, was that no contract was in place, and when it came to the knitty-gritty of agreeing on one, the attraction couldn’t accept the organiser’s terms. On the other hand, Annie Modesitt still seems to be coming. She’s fussy about contracts, we know from her blog. I think I’m right in saying she won’t teach for Stitches events because she doesn’t like what’s on offer.

Publications have been flowing in unrecorded. I’ve got the new Rowan magazine, full of luscious things. The opening section is sweaters for both sexes, and scarves, in Cocoon and Big Wool. Very inviting. Very expensive. I knit Thomas-the-Elder a scarf in Cocoon for Christmas last year. It’s wonderful stuff to deal with, and I liked the result a lot, but I think it was the most expensive Christmas present I gave.

(Nobody notices, if you knit it.)

The new IK turned up yesterday – just as Fergus and I were setting forth. I’ve read Meg on travelling stitchery and although I didn’t learn anything, it was wonderful to find it there. I wonder if I will be able to turn back and find my own decision on the yarn with which to knit a travelling stitch jacket-or-sweater, when the fast is over.

And speaking of podcasts, the BBC Radio Four “Open Country” program this morning was about Fair Isle – and about knitting, not birds. Again, I don’t think any of us will learn anything, but it’s a good, intelligent program. I’ll leave you to figure out how to download it.


  1. Google search for BBC Radio 4 'Open Country', bingo got it. Piece of cake. Thanks for the idea to go look.

  2. Thanks for the open country link. I must say thanks to your blog I've been a faithful follower (via podcast) of the History of the World in 100 Objects. I've learned lots of odd facts, like the Crown of Thorns was made of buckthorn, a plague in these parts.

  3. Italian for download is 'downlodare' - sad, but apparently true. I was sure it would be more interesting than that!

  4. Giffnock is on the Southside of Glasgow - East Renfrewshire (district) does appear to be way ahead in its facilities for Autism/Asperegers syndrome. Friend has a young son who gets excellent help for his very severe autism. Love the new Rowan magazine and wish to knit Kaffe Fasset scarf - a snip at approx. £50! Yikes. Mx