Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thanks for the help with the shawl-choice. Susan, I’m saving your advice about beads and feeling, at least for the moment, inspired to try some. I think the Dickinson shawl would suit Helen-in-retro-mode. She’ll be here soon. We’ll see what she thinks.

There was a bad moment yesterday when I had an email to say that their flight today, Athens-London, had been cancelled due to yet another Greek strike. She said they’d drive home, if they had to. But then another email to say that David had found a flight for them. I trust they’re on their way.

Today is St Swithin’s Day and it’s not looking good. Not actually raining (very much) here at the moment, but we are enveloped in a haar. I am meant to be going for a walk with husband’s neice but am inclined to think we should wait for something better. I didn’t get lace yarns dug out yesterday, what with one thing and another. The forecast suggests there might not be a chance to photograph them in natural light before the end of the month.

Angel, I’m sorry to hear you’re not knitting. I like imagining that Oberlin yarn shop. I wonder if there was one in my day. I knit in high school, trying to marry Woolworth’s yarn to Vogue patterns with singular lack of success. For those four years at Oberlin, nothing at all. Then Glasgow, and everybody was knitting, and I remembered how much I had liked it. That was the real beginning.

There’s a thread on the Historic Knitting Group at the moment about Knitting 50 Years Ago, for heaven’s sake. I can’t bear to read it.

All well on the Green Granite Block front – I should finish the back today.

The haar has lifted, and it’s not raining. Not nice, but not raining. Difficult one to call.


  1. 50 years seems hardly historic. Especially as I get older.

  2. It was funny to see your reference to Oberlin and knitting. Then I remembered you mentioning Oberlin in the past. My oldest child is preparing to head to college in one more year. Oberlin is currently her first choice (voice and something in the social sciences). She was completely tickled to see a yarn shop right by the conservatory!

  3. The yarn shop in Oberlin is small, mainly because it is only a half a yarn shop (the other half is a upscale home goods store) but it is the people- the best knitting group I ever had.

    And actually Jean, I feel like the knitting vacation is good. I am finishing some crocheted projects that I have wanted to finish for a while, and my brain is percolating with knitting ideas..... I am considering the Green Sweater by EZ again, and just yesterday I made a leap and bought the kit- Schoolhouse Press has a run of the Sportweight wool that she originally knit it in and I snapped it up.... so I will probably get to that soon! (Of course a sweater like that is really a jacket in South Texas.)

  4. =Tamar1:33 AM

    Well, "50 years ago" is the definition the Historic Knit group moderator uses for historicity. Luckily it's a period relatively few people choose to recreate, except for, for example, EZ's designs. The thread qualifies as reminiscences, anyway. Good luck with the weather. It's hot here (no surprise).