Tuesday, November 16, 2010

C. has weathered the storm – her daughter's phrase. She is back in the High Dependency ward, once again alert, but very tired. She has a lung infection, as you suspected, Shandy. She has been having an uncomfortable series of lung infections since May ’08 – I would like there to be some connection with the cancer, out of my great respect for William of Occam: one explanation is better than two, was his Big Idea. But apparently he’s wide of the mark, this time.

Alexander and my husband are going to visit today. My big worry is that they won’t be able to find her if she has been moved back to a normal ward – the hospital sprawls, rather like a wartime improvisation; visiting hours are short and strictly enforced; my husband is very slow on his feet.

Our niece finally got to talk to a Great Man yesterday, and we are little the wiser. They are waiting for results of tests to know whether they got all of the cancer. What sort of tests? I don’t understand, but I’m no oncologist. She didn’t ask about the prognosis, and perhaps an answer would have been impossible without the test results.


Yesterday was more productive. I remembered that I knit a “Sock Yarn Slouch Hat” (Ravelry link) as one of my Christmas offerings last year. Free Ravelry download. I enjoyed doing it, and liked the result. So yesterday I thought, why not wurm-ify it? That is, once I’ve done the ribbing and increased for the slouch, start alternating five rounds of purl with four rounds of knit, which is the essence of the Wurm? So that’s what I’m going to try.

We’re a long way by now from EZ’s snail hat. I’ll have to go back and try it, one day.

I spent happy time with my collection of Yarn Yard yarns. These were the finalists:

I went with the green, and this is as for as I’ve gotten:

It looks utterly grey in the pictures, but it's not.

Winding took time, and ribbing is slow because all the k1’s are tbl. It makes a nice rib, and I’m enjoying it. Back to the scarf, today. I’d like to finish both this month. It doesn’t seem an impossible aim.


  1. glad to hear the news... emailed you privately not sure, but hope you got them.

    hope your visit today is successful.

  2. Jean, they are probably doing tests like bone scans to make sure that the cancer has not spread to the bones, etc.

    I made a snail hat years ago. It was so much fun (and I did use the yarn called for by EZ.) I gave it to a friend who lives in Iceland and she sent me a fantastic photo of her on top of a glacier wearing the hat. But it is super heavy-duty and it stands up much like a snail- so it takes some attitude to wear it.

    Heard that Prince William got engaged today- a bit of cheerful news during a gloomy time (I mean in general) I think.

  3. I do hope that your SIL's health will be improving soon - my MIL had cancer op's last year and I understand your anxiety well. it takes a long time for all the test results to come in, which doesn't make the worry any easier on the relatives:(( we had to wait for nearly 6 weeks to get the final result that they managed to remove everything - and as bad as the waiting was for us, it was far worse for the patient!
    keep knitting - it might help your nerves:))

  4. Glad your SIL is doing better. I hope the results of the tests come back with good news.

  5. They usually send away all the tissue removed to pathology. The Pathologist has to examine it all to stage the cancer as to where it is. Usually takes 2-3 weeks for the pathology results to come back.

  6. Anonymous12:20 AM

    Jean, so sorry that you and your family are faced with this. May you support one another in faith, hope and love. As always, following your knitting with interest. The shawl looks lovely.
    - Beth in Toronto

  7. =Tamar4:47 AM

    I made several versions of EZ's snail hat, some years ago, using different yarns and needles. They all had spirals of big openings, which I eventually filled by running a strand of yarn up through them, like running a ribbon through lace trim. I gave them away and have no pictures. I find them interesting but not to my taste.

  8. Thanks for the update.

    Glad to hear the sock yarn slouch hat worked out well for you. I have been pondering starting that one myself.