Thursday, May 09, 2013

It’s just as well we’re not attempting Strathardle today. We’re tired. Nothing much has happened – the hospital appt yesterday was routine respiratory function tests but it still involved driving across the city worrying about making the appt time, stopping at every red light – and Edinburgh has a remarkable number of them. Then an hour in the airless hospital atmosphere. Then home again in the rush hour, with every light green.

Whatever, we’re tired.

I’m within five rounds of the toe shaping of the second Pakokku sock – so should finish today.

I was cruising around just now, looking at sock yarn. Malabrigo is beautiful – but, I gather, pure wool. I’ve got reinforcement yarn somewhere, but even so…

Still, today’s job, apart from trying to find some respectable clothes, is to cast on Relax2.

Helen sent this the other day, labelled "Knitting from Epirus", without further explanation:

Jared has a new collection. Strong on shawls and wraps, but there are some rather nice sweaters, too. I haven’t spent enough time there yet even to figure out how to buy individual patterns.


  1. Jean, I'm enjoying some of these extraordinary spam comments.

    I hope today brings some restoration in your health & spirits. At least the sun is shining again.

  2. Anonymous10:37 AM

    Malabrigo isn't as hearty a yarn as other sock yarns that include 25% nylon. I bought some early on in my sock knitting career, and found it didn't like taking a bath. Now, if I become enamored of Malabrigo it must be used for scarf or shawl projects.

    As a comparison, I have now knit about 50 pairs of socks (hard to remember how many I have given away, in addition to my wardrobe of socks). None have shown up with holes yet, and the oldest pairs are 12 years old now.

  3. I love Malabrigo's colourways and softness too, but it really is not suited to socks as it is too loosely plied. For a similar look, you could try
    The Sokkusu O is specially produced to be a hard-wearing 100% merino yarn for socks - it is really lovely to knit with and the socks are fairly robust. I have made 10 or 12 pairs in it and no holes so far! Or for a gorgeous cushy feel, the Sokkusu X has cashmere and nylon in with the merino and is also a joy to knit. (Full disclosure: I am a friend of Ling, who does the dyeing, but have no financial interest!)

  4. Anonymous12:58 PM

    I do like the socks from Epirus! Enjoy your weekend.