Wednesday, May 08, 2013

No pic, I’m afraid, but we had a lovely time.

Kate was enormously helpful about Shetland – names and addresses of people to get in touch with in advance, leaflets galore including one about walks, info on where to buy seaweed-fed lamb and how to get to Unst (which sounds like a perfectly possible, strenuous but delightful, day trip).

She thinks we’re just as well off not being there in Shetland Wool Week, when everything gets awfully crowded. Lerwick isn’t much bigger than Inverary, she says (visible in the picture above). What a wonderful thought!

It sounds, too, as if textiles are wonderfully well displayed in the Shetland Museum, with shawls and sweaters in pull-out cabinets so that, except for the glass, you can get up close and personal, far better than trying to peer into a display case.

And guess what she brought me for a present, on top of all this? – a ball of Rowan’s soon-to-be-released Fine Art yarn, so that I can knit my heel-swatch. She gets sent a lot of yarn. She has already knit herself a pair of socks with this one, and was wearing them. It’s slightly fizzy, not quite as firmly twisted as the sock yarn we are used to. Will it wear? That’s something a swatch won’t tell me.

I was surprised what a pleasure it was for me to talk about knitting. I write about it every day, and you guys respond wonderfully. But there’s no one in my little circle who knows anything about it, so I never get to talk, and it was an unexpected joy.

A very inadequate report of a very happy morning.

We’re all set to abandon potato-planting for the time being and go to Loch Fyne for the weekend. Alexander is even going to come to get us. I could perfectly well drive, as I did at Easter, but this way we get three hours extra both on Friday and again on Monday, riding effortlessly along in his company.

I will easily finish the Pakokku socks in time. My husband has a hospital appt this afternoon – that may even do it. I hope by Friday I will have made the final calculations and taken the necessary deep breath and cast on Relax2. 


  1. Anonymous9:07 AM

    what a wonderful time you must have had with Kate - I'm very envious. I once met her at the Cockermouth wool event, and read her blog avidly. it's lovely to be able to talk to a kindred soul about knitting isn't it? I was like you up to two years ago - I have friends who do a bit of knitting, but none were passionate about yarn and patterns. Then, through my husband, I met Sara. Lots younger than me, but totally in tune with me. We've enjoyed, and continue to enjoy, lots of knitting excursions together. Liz Phillips

  2. What a lovely time! There is nothing like having someone to talk knitting with - it's as if suddenly you get a whole new view of the universe :)

  3. Oooh I am so envious! :) I know what you mean about "talking knitting". I know people who knit but not in a "talking knitting" sort of way and it must have been good. Kate sounds a really lovely person.
    I think we will all be interested to know what you make of the Rowan yarn. I am guessing the mohair content makes for a little fuzziness?

  4. I so understand what you mean about "talking knitting". I get fed up with "Oh I think you are wonderful, the way you make things." I'm not wonderful - I am competent and interested, and only my daughter-who-knits can supply that kind of conversation from understanding, and being similarly interested.

  5. I'm so glad you had a good time and I know how you mean about talking knitting, I find my knitting group fills this gap, don't know if one is possible for you?
    Maybe you should invite Kate around again sometime for a chat?
    I do enjoy reading your blog.

  6. What a treat for you! I'm so happy it was a delightful meeting of fellow knitting bloggers and that she was able to give you great information.

    I'm happy Alexander is picking you and Mr M up to take you to Loch Fyne. This will give you time to knit. ;)

  7. ah. we were all with you in spirit! what a lovely treat to get that new Rowan yarn - as a new sock knitter i am eying it wistfully - but have set myself a goal of at least three pairs before i buy it.

    just finishing pair number one - well, almost, after binding off, realize i need to increase a few stitches for my welldeveloped calf. so will rip back and redo the calf...

    looking forward to your report on the swatch with the new yarn.

    have a wonderful time this weekend!

  8. Anonymous4:25 PM

    What a lovely time you had. I would love to have been a fly on the wall!
    -- stashdragon