Monday, May 06, 2013

Kate Davies is coming for coffee tomorrow.

That’s my sensational Shetland news. Kristieinbc is in her Ravelry group. She wrote asking for tips for our trip. She got a prompt and helpful reply by which we were all delighted. But then Kate wrote to me (she lives nearby) and proposed herself for a visit. We need to know what to do besides the obvious, and who to get in touch with (whom, that should be) to open doors and get lace shawls out of museum cupboards perhaps.

There used to be a place called the Shetland Textile Working Museum at Weisdale Mill not far from Lerwick, but it seems to have closed and its collection merged with the Museum in Lerwick, which might mean a smaller proportion of things actually on display.

Kristieinbc and her cousin Kath are serious walkers, as is Kate, so we hope for tips on that, too. I hope I will have the strength to tag along, although I think I am ebbing. I want to see sheep and ponies and wouldn’t object to a puffin or two. It was bird-watching that drew Gladys Amedro and her husband to settle on Shetland. I nearly went there years ago with an American bird-watching and knitting friend, but that turned out to be the year of foot-and-mouth and she and her husband were afraid that walking would be restricted. 

We are all simply overwhelmed by Kate’s kindness and generosity. I doubt if I will have the chutzpah to ask for a picture, but I might have her sign the book.

Otherwise, little to report. I have started to turn the heel of that sock. I hope to practise mattress stitch on my little sampler today. I’d like to have another look at Franklin doing it, but my desktop computer can’t cope with that lesson at all (it’s over an hour) and even on the new laptop I’m not sure I’d be able to ask Franklin to go back over the topic. So I’ll make do with the handout, and then go on to watch Franklin do herringbone stitch which is where I actually stopped the lesson.

And today is Chilli Feeding Day! I have re-potted the three little Apaches in some potting compost stuff which says on the packet that things won’t need feeding for six weeks. Everybody seems very happy, the Apaches and Big Nameless from Waitrose, despite being on a north-facing window with no direct sunlight. The kitchen is nice and warm. I think they like that. I have ordered another chilli book, hoping for more taxonomy.

Cat, you’re right about that Rowan sock yarn: swatch it and wash it and see. I wouldn’t even have to do a boring square swatch, either. I could knit a swatch-heel.

Silence from Cardinal O’Brien. We still don't know whether it's true that the Vatican has told him to leave the country, nor, if so, what he intends to do. The weekend papers confected stories by asking prominent Catholics what they thought. 


  1. I too have had problems with streaming while trying to watch Craftsy lessons. When I clicked the Help button they suggested trying Google Chrome and it works very well for me. No more funny faces from Lucy Neatby as she is cut off in mid sentence. I haven't tried the note feature yet but I gather you can identify bits that you are likely to want to watch again. You can also do 30 sec. repeats while you work the technique apparently.

    What a lovely treat to look forward to tomorrow! Kate seems an amazing person but very approachable. I have a feeling that she wouldn't mind a photo.

  2. Your Shetland plans sound exciting - Kate will give you all the right details.

    Sadly, there will be no puffins to see in September - they will be leaving soon once their chicks are fledged... But there will be plenty of sheep and ponies - and lots of other wildlife (birds, otters, porpoises etc) to see...

    And the walking is not too strenuous if you plan where to go. Do go to St Ninians Isle if you can - the tombolo is fabulous, the island small and I saw lots of porpoises from the beach there....

  3. Two worlds (blogs) collide.... Jean & Kate together!

    What I wouldn't give to be a fly on the wall for that koffee klatch. The two of you have the most interesting, well written blogs on the web, your "in-person" meeting will be fabulous.

    Please post a picture for us.

  4. Have a lovely coffee together, I won't pretend I'm not jealous because that would be lying! But I'm also glad for you both.

  5. Anonymous12:17 PM

    So glad that two of my favourite blog-writers can meet for coffee! Sounds lovely indeed. I am sure you will enjoy the time to discuss knitting and the Shetlands with Kate.
    p.s. perhaps someone else can test the Rowan and post the results so you don't have to pay for the privilege
    LisaRR in Toronto

  6. Agreed -- Jean + Kate is just about as close to blog heaven as I can imagine. Perhaps a photo would be in order if your blog readers asked for it, rather than you, yourself?

  7. Jean if the two K's want to hike off too far into the wilds I'll keep you company doing gentler things ... I've been having problems with an Achilles tendon lately so I too will have to watch how much walking I do when we're there.

  8. Anonymous3:08 PM

    I'm dittoing The Foggy Knitter. That will be a great visit!

    I'm unclear if the issue with Craftsy and not being able to repeat an explanation is due to hardware/internet connection, or something intentional on Craftsy's part. I can understand only allowing you to listen to a full lecture once, but if I can't "rewind" to repeat something I don't understand, I'm not interested. In person you only get the lecture once, but you can ask questions for clarification.

  9. Sarah JS3:36 PM

    My small (two different classes thus far) experience with Craftsy is that I can back up & re-watch any portion I want. That was one of the primary points that sold me -- watch any portion of the class as many times as I like, whenever I like!

  10. omg! kate and jean! what a wonderful time you will have... i always wondered if you two lived near each other...we will all of course be waiting with bated breath to hear ALL ABOUT IT!

    and absolutely we DEMAND a photo! ;o

  11. Hee! And about time too! ;)