Monday, May 20, 2013

Not much, today.

Off we go. A Strathardle session (at last) will be a useful tonic for both if we survive it. The weather is bad.

I found that IK subscription service, easily enough, this morning. I must have been in Stupid Mode yesterday. It costs $20 per month – it would soon add up. Maybe I heard about it because of my Craftsy classes, rather than my subscription to Knitting Daily.

Little to report, as usual on Monday. I am within a yard or two of finishing the first madelinetosh skein employed on Relax2. Relax1 used less than four skeins all told, so I must be making progress. (“Less” rather than “fewer” there, I think – thinking more about the quantity of yarn than the counting of skeins.) And, sure enough, it is nice to find the next skein ready-wound, as a result of using two for the long-tail cast-on.

No swatching yesterday, but I’m trying to print the Bay Laurel pattern to take along for swatching in Perthshire. And I’ll take Relax2 – there’s no dedicated Strathardle knitting these days.

See you at the weekend, insh’Allah.


  1. Anonymous10:16 AM

    Dear Jean,
    My knitting met our of Shetland was lovely, but ended with an extra treat: Sumburgh was fogg Edinburgh yesterday, flights back to Edinburgh were cancelled as the Edinburgh to Shetland flight was turned back twice! Several of our group opted to take the overnight ferry to Aberdeen and reorganize flights/trains from here. Now I wait to continue on to Amsterdam, so all the best laid plans were for naught!

    But we had lovely sunshine one day and the sort of soft misty rain that was no problem most of our time there. We found lovely wool and knitwear everywhere. Plan to visit neelanell ( I think that is spelled correctly but will check later.). Her stuff is not hvandknit but incredibly interesting and very wearable.....but you MUST try it on to believe it as it looks very odd on the shelf. At least half of our group made purchases there which I think surprised us all!

    Hello to Joe and Grannypurple from the Meyers! So glad you were able to connect.

    Barbara M. In NH

  2. re the craft daily subscription - there is a knitting/crochet only package that is 11.99 per month.

    still, not sure that there would be enough new videos each month..

    anyway, here is the blurb about who is behind Craft Daily (not the Craftsy folks)

    "A division of Interweave & F+W Media, Craft Daily was launched in 2013 and is your top online resource for craft videos from leading instructors. These videos are streamed to Craft Daily members so that they can be viewed 24/7 from any computer or hand-held device with a high-speed internet connection, making it easy to take these online craft workshops from anywhere & on your own schedule. There are no assignments & no homework -- just you & your craft! And there are so many subject areas available: from beading, to crochet, knitting, jewelry, mixed media, quilting, sewing, spinning & weaving. With new videos added on a weekly basis, you're bound to find new ideas & inspiration, or something new to try every day! "

    right now Craftsy doesnt do android and since i dont have an ipad but do have a nexus tablet i am not buying any of those classes until they release an android app.

    Craft Daily says that "These craft videos are available to watch on your iPad, iPhone, and most Android devices." (but dont mention which android... typical )

    while i like a monthly sub i am withholding my money until i see if there is enough to warrant that. its almost as high as my Siriusxm monthly sub for which i get 24/7 Met Opera and other classical and news channels.