Thursday, June 20, 2013

In considerable haste, today – the excuse this time is an early (routine) dental appt. No time for photography. Promised for tomorrow, Lisa.

I divided Relax2 at the underarm yesterday. Oddly, the bamboo needle on which I had been cruising round and round for weeks, refused point-blank to purl. Stitches couldn’t be persuaded over the cable-to-needle join. I’ve substituted one of those KnitPro things, and all proceeds well. Mercifully, I made a note the first time of how many rows I want for this section. That shouldn’t have changed, between Relax1 and Relax2.

And GrannyPurple, I’m very glad to hear your praise of the Relax. (She was wearing one, the happy day when we met on Broughton Street recently.) An awful lot of knitting goes into this thing – a very loosely-fitting tee-shirt in sock yarn. It would be good to get something at the other end. (My first attempt wasn’t anywhere near sufficiently “loosely-fitting” on me. I handed it on to a fragile-appearing granddaughter – she’s tough as nails, really. Second from the right in the front row, above.)

The other big knitting news here is the arrival of the package from the Loopy Ewe – FOUR different skeins of Into the Whirled Pakokku, each more beautiful than the last. Two of them don’t involve a light-coloured section and might even, therefore, do as socks for an adventurous gent.

I’d better get on up to the dentist.


  1. Jean
    Thanks for mentioning Franlin's new post. For some reason my bloglines didn't pick it up.
    I hope the dentist visit went off well.

  2. Anonymous9:38 PM

    Thanks for the lovely pictures of the Pakokku and letting us know it is found at Loopy Ewe. I'll be visiting there next month and will have to consider it as a purchase. Those socks look great. - Joe-in Wyoming

  3. Had to let you know that I signed up for a Stephen West class today. The caution was that you need to be familiar with K1R and K1L before you arrive at class! Thought you would enjoy.