Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Oh, Beverly in NJ! Your comment on Queer Joe’s blog! I shall go about six inches above the floor all day long.

My husband survived his dentistry. Shaken but not stirred, might be the phrase. The root of the broken tooth was extracted, another one filled. Quiet is on order for today. I finished the ribbing of the 1st Pakokku sock, and was having such a nice time swirling that I went on for a while when we got home:

 before returning to Relax2. Yet another row of eyelets should be inserted today. We’re getting there.

Many thanks for the help with left- and right-leaning increases. Sue, I like the idea of learning by knitting Stephen West’s Daybreak Shawl. Who’d like one of those for Christmas? I might well have enough madelinetosh sock left over from recent projects. And it is enormously satisfying to internalise a technique which previously had, as you say, to be looked up every time. I’ve done that with plain-vanilla (= st st) Kitchenering, and with left- and right-leaning and centered 3-stitch decreases thanks to Margaret Stove’s observation about the stitch the needle enters first being the one that winds up on top.

It would be rather nice to add another technique to this embarrassingly short list.

Mary Lou and Karen, I’ve added your suggestions to Evernote, of which I am beginning to get the hang. And I am seriously tempted by Gail Zucker’s photography class, Mary Lou. Thank you for that. Although I am distressed by the word “webinar” which is new to me.


Big Nameless and the lesser of the two Apaches had a nice time in the sunshine yesterday, although the Apache was a bit overcome by the time it got to be afternoon. I am afraid it is somewhat weak and etiolated.

All these plants live on a north-facing window in the cosy kitchen. Big Nameless doesn’t seem to mind a bit. I carry the better Apache through to a south-facing window whenever the sun is shining, as yesterday. I’ll now have to start doing that with both. The first Apache flower is fading and my pollinating brush hasn’t even arrived yet.

Big Nameless is really getting awfully big. The books don’t recommend pruning chillis, except perhaps in the winter. 


  1. Everyone should be distressed by the word webinar. It showed up a few years ago in the corporate world.

  2. Anonymous8:06 PM

    I looked at some of those blogs on the list and they were dull as dishwater. Some haven't been updated for months and one was actually closed down by the blogger some months ago.

    Although not a follower (which seems to involve selling my soul to Google), I read your blog every day and enjoy it immensely.

    I'm hopeful that this time my name won't be deleted as it was before, as I don't intend to be anonymous. I'm April, former student at Birmingham.

  3. evernote is WONDERFUL!!! if you use Chrome broswer - there is a great extension that lets you clip text and create a note using your mouse... right into Evernote. it does not have to be open - the extension also will copy an entire article and start a new note that you can edit, etc. go to

    you can add just a url, or an entire page or just select text and create a note with that.

    its wonderful

    also you can save pdf files (like patterns, etc) into Evernote as well.

  4. Anonymous1:50 AM

    I made a Daybreak a couple of years ago. Felt very confident of the right- and left-leaning increases. Alas, I no longer remember. I DO remember that they were carefully explained and if I need to know in the future, that would be my first place to look!
    (and it is a LOVELY shawl!)
    Beverly near Yosemite CA